How to get 15th anniversary Minecraft Capes

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How to get 15th anniversary Minecraft Capes
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In this guide, we will show you how to get the legendary 15th anniversary Minecraft Capes without spending a single dime!

It has been 15 years since the legendary video game Minecraft made its debut in the gaming scene.

Mojang Studios is celebrating this event in a way worthy of its fame and giving away freebies to all the Minecraft players from all around the world.

Yes, you read that right. No one has any privileges, these freebies are for all the beloved gamers!

The 15th anniversary is a big event for Minecraft. It’s a time to look back at all the fun and adventures players have had over the years.

Many players are excited to get these special capes to remember this special occasion. If you want to get your anniversary cape, you’re in the right place.

Let’s take a closer look at how to get the 15th anniversary Minecraft Cape!

How many 15th anniversary Minecraft Capes are there?

There are three different 15th anniversary Minecraft Capes and they are: TikTok, Creeper, and Twitch.

Below you will find guides about getting each and every one of these capes without paying a single dime!

How to get the 15th anniversary Minecraft Creeper Cape

To celebrate 15 years of Minecraft, you can get the Creeper Cape, which honors one of the most famous creatures in the game. Here’s how to claim your cape:

  1. Go to the 15th anniversary page on Minecraft’s website.
  2. Find the “Claim 15th Anniversary Cape” section.
  3. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  4. Claim the Creeper Cape, and it will be added to your account.

Once you follow these steps, the Creeper Cape will be in your inventory. You can wear it in the game and show it off to your friends.

How to get the 15th anniversary Minecraft Twitch Cape

Purple Heart Twitch Cape is a sleek and stylish addition to your in-game wardrobe. To claim this cape, you’ll need to watch 15 minutes of Minecraft content on Twitch. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Twitch and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the Minecraft category and choose a Minecraft stream by a Twitch Partner or Affiliate.
  3. Watch the stream live for 15 minutes.
  4. Open your Drops Inventory and click “redeem” next to the Purple Heart Twitch Cape to copy the code.
  5. Visit the redemption page on Minecraft’s website and scroll to the bottom.
  6. Enter your redemption code and submit it to claim your Purple Heart Twitch Cape.
Credit: Twitch

How to get the 15th anniversary Minecraft TikTok Cape

Now it is time for the TikTok Cape. To claim this cape, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your TikTok account and search for “Minecraft.”
  2. Go to the live section and select a live Minecraft stream.
  3. Click on the gray icon with a light green TikTok logo and select “Add one comment with the keyword Minecraft.”
  4. Send the comment in the chat, then click on the gray icon again and claim your redemption code.
  5. Visit the Minecraft code redemption page, scroll to the “Redeem TikTok 15 days of Minecraft” option, and enter your code.
  6. Press submit to claim your TikTok Cape.
15th anniversary Minecraft Capes
Credit: Mojang

More freebies are on the way

The anniversary event doesn’t end with the Creeper Cape. There is a 15-day event with a new free item each day. With over 10 days left, you can still collect more exclusive items. Each day, you can get a different item for free.

To get these daily freebies, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Minecraft Marketplace.
  2. Look for the daily freebie section.
  3. Claim the item available for that day.

By checking the Marketplace every day, you can collect all the special items released during the event.

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