Perfect Dark is “in a very rough state,” says insider

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Microsoft has been on the negative side of the news this week with the announcement of closing four more studios it acquired. There are still a lot of games in development at Xbox Game Studios and one of the more intriguing games is Perfect Dark. According to multiple industry insiders, it’s not looking so good for the remake.

Jeff Grubb of the Giant Bomb podcast said it doesn’t sound like it’s coming together for Perfect Dark. Here is the full quote below (Thanks Reddit)

“The fallout from this (today’s layoffs), been hearing more and more.. been hearing for years that Perfect Dark is in a rough state, sounds like it’s in a very rough state”

“And it doesn’t sound like it’s really come together in any way since then (since the announcement) and like Crystal Dynamics coming on board to come help on that..”

Others who have inside scoop on games like Liam Robertson have also said it’s “just a big protracted mess”. Alex Donaldson also says there are crazy stories behind the development of Perfect Dark, but hasn’t shared them due to respect for the team.

lmao. I have some crazy stories about the development of that game I have not put in print out of respect for a team really trying hard to push a boulder up a steep hill. But my patience is getting thin

— Alex Donaldson (@APZonerunner) May 7, 2024

In 2020, The Initiative announced the Perfect Dark remake at The Game Awards. Since then, there have been many updates on the project. Then Crystal Dynamics was brought in to help the project a few years later and in 2022 the developer said “The Perfect Dark remake was progressing well“.

Last year, rumors were flying around about this game expecting to launch a year after the next Tomb Raider title.

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