Can you play Manor Lords on Game Pass?

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Can you play Manor Lords on Game Pass?
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Now that the game is out and all the headlines are about it, can you play Manor Lords on Game Pass? Here is your answer!

Manor Lords dropped like a meteor to the gaming world with its launch. Everyone is talking about this game, and people who try it mostly love it.

We know that most of the latest games are pretty expensive, but there are services like PlayStation Plus and Game Pass that allow you to play some of the latest games for a monthly fee.

So, is Manor Lords on Game Pass?

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Is Manor Lords on Game Pass?

Yes, Manor Lords is on Game Pass, and you can enjoy this latest trend in the video gaming world by paying Microsoft a small monthly fee.

Since it launched on April 26, anyone who subscribes to Game Pass can play it on their PC or gaming console.

But remember, Manor Lords might not always be on Game Pass. Games often come and go on the service. So if you’re interested in playing, starting now is a good idea.

Plus, if you do start playing through Game Pass and then the game leaves the service, you can buy it and keep all your game progress.

What is this madness about?

Manor Lords is a game where you build and manage a city, but it’s set in the 14th century in a place called Franconia, now part of Germany.

It’s different from modern city-building games like Cities: Skylines because it takes place in the olden days.

In Manor Lords, you have to think about more than just building the city. You need to manage resources and trade routes and make sure your city doesn’t grow too fast without control.

The game is quite realistic in showing what life was like back then. As a player, you need to look after your people but also build an army to protect them from enemies like other lords and bandits. Creating an army is essential, but it’s expensive and can affect your people’s lives.

Manor Lords tries to give you a real feel of what it was like to be a medieval lord, where building a city isn’t just about laying down roads and buildings. It’s about carefully managing everything from resources to people and keeping your land safe.

Manor Lords has become very popular, quickly gathering fans even before its release. Now that it’s available on Game Pass, both PC and console players can jump into this detailed medieval world.

If you like strategy games or are curious about medieval times, Manor Lords offers an engaging experience worth checking out.

The game is obviously not only for those who are into medieval times, of course. If you are into cibyt building games like Anno or Cities Skylines, you will love this one too.

Anno has different games for different times from 2205 to 1400. Cities Skylines, on the other hand, mainly focuses on today’s world and technology.

If you want to build your own Game of Thrones looking city, check out Manor Lords on Game Pass for sure!

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