FaZe Clan layoff 2024 wave to restructure the whole organization

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FaZe Clan layoff 2024 wave to restructure the whole organization
Onur Demirkol

Banks aims to “reboot” the esports organization after the FaZe Clan layoff 2024 wave. Some names have already hit the surface.

FaZe Clan is easily one of the biggest esports organizations in the world and it was even bigger than where it stands today a couple of years ago.

Throughout all these years, we have seen big names join and leave the organization, including investors like rappers and NBA players.

FaZe Clan have been looking far away from their old days lately, and Banks got behind the wheel to put an end to this.

Credit: FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan’s purge started back in December

The changes came as a shock. FaZe Banks, now the CEO, decided to cut down the number of content creators to just 14 core members.

As these changes unfolded, the members who were let go shared their disappointment and surprise on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter), showing how these cuts affected them personally and professionally.


Everyone else is out. That is the roster. https://t.co/2V1gUjDlzI

— FaZe Banks (@Banks) April 27, 2024

Along with the internal shake-up, FaZe Clan is also revamping its competitive game strategy. The organization now supports 12 teams in games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. Notably missing are Rocket League and Valorant, indicating that FaZe is pulling out of these competitions.

This move is about focusing on games that better match FaZe Clan’s long-term goals. By focusing their efforts, they aim to be more successful and make a bigger impact in the eSports scene.

Big names are on the list

With the clan cutting down to 14 members, the gaming world is buzzing about who’s still in and who’s out. Staying on are key players like Adapt, Apex, Banks himself, and Nick Mercs.

These individuals are crucial to the new direction FaZe Clan is heading, which will focus more on gaming and less on individual content.

FaZe Clan’s new team consists of only 14 members and the company made it ofificla on X. Here is the full roster:

  • Adapt
  • Apex
  • Banks
  • Jev
  • Kaysan
  • Nickmercs
  • Replays
  • Ronaldo
  • Rug
  • Scope
  • Swagg
  • Temperrr
  • YourRage
  • Zooma

CTRL+ALT+DEL pic.twitter.com/UXvM560JVf

— FaZe Clan (@FaZeClan) April 27, 2024

FaZe Clan had some very important names recruited, either creating content or competing for the organization. However, a big part of those names no longer work for the FaZe organization. Here are some of the notable names:

  • Blaze
  • Nate Hill
  • Kalei
  • Dirty
  • Booya
  • Kitty
  • JSmooth
  • H1ghSKy1
  • Linkzy
  • Bloo
  • Agony
  • Sway
  • Proze
  • Nio
  • Faxuty
  • Cizzorz
  • Rain

As these big changes continue, everyone in the gaming and eSports communities is watching. How well FaZe Clan does after this overhaul will really show if these bold moves pay off.

With Banks leading, FaZe Clan is looking to start a new chapter with a sharper focus and a stronger presence in eSports.

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