LEGO Fortnite v29.10 patch notes revealed and vehicles are here

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Epic Games has released the LEGO Fortnite v29.10 patch notes, and players are finally able to try out vehicles!

When LEGO Fortnite was first released all around the world, everyone wanted to try it out and rushed to their PCs.

The game was very promising and fun at first, but after some time, it got repetitive, and Epic was highly criticized by many.

The team behind LEGO Fortnite is still working on adding new features to this game so that it will go back to its interesting days.

LEGO Fortnite v29.10 is one of those updates that is expected to bring a new wave to the game.

Epic finally released the update, and apart from new vehicles, you will find quite more features and add-ons. Lets take a closer look at it.

Speeder / Credit: Fortnite

What is new with LEGO Fortnite v29.10?

The main thing in the v29.10 update is vehicles. Theyre a big deal because they open up new ways to play and explore. Heres a quick look at the new rides:

  • The Speeder: This is for getting around fast. You can get it by finding a Power Cell in the game.
  • The Offroader: This ones great for moving with friends. You unlock it by finding Flexwood in the Dry Valley area.
  • The Hauler: Need to move a lot of stuff? The Haulers got you covered. Get it by picking up Frostpine in the Frostlands area.
LEGO fortnite v29.10
Offroader / Credit: Fortnite

How to get vehicles

You might wonder how to get your hands on these vehicles. You need to find items, and each vehicle has its own item to use. Here is a list of the items you need to find and what to do afterward:

  • Speeder: Find a Power Cell.
  • Offroader: Look for Flexwood in the Dry Valley.
  • Hauler: Grab some Frostpine from the Frostlands.

Once youve got the right items, head to the Builds section of the Build menu, and start building your vehicle.

For those who like to experiment, the game lets you play around with different parts to make something unique. This update also introduces a new way to fuel your vehicles with a compost bin, making energy from old stuff you no longer need.

The adventure is DRIVING

Grab your tools and hit the road on LEGO Fortnite tomorrow with the Mechanical Mayhem update!

Its packed full of stuff to tinker with including Vehicle Builds and Parts, new recipes, villagers and more

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LEGO Fortnite (@LEGOFortnite) March 25, 2024

What else?

With vehicles now in LEGO Fortnite, theres so much more to do. Speed through different areas, adventure with friends or haul your treasures.

Obviously, LEGO Fortnite v29.10 has not only brought vehicles, but there are more features to discover. There are new characters, yummy treats, and important fixes that make everything smoother.

Bug fixes were also must for the team behind LEGO Fortnite to work on because we all know that almost all new games have obvious issues regarding gameplay.

With these bugs out of the way, LEGO Fortnite is definitely much more enjoyable.

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