BG3 patch 7: the last content update

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BG3 patch 7: the last content update
Michael Jeong

BG3 patch 7 will be the final major content update for Baldur’s Gate 3, bringing the massive hit to its narrative close.

The massively popular and successful role-playing game came out in 2023 to critical acclaim. Since then, it has iteratively improved with major patches, each adding a variety of new features and content.

One example was Patch 5, which expanded on the ending with playable epilogues to give closure to beloved companions’ storylines.

Now with patch 7, though, BG3 will go out in wicked fashion with its final flourish.

BG3 patch 7: what to expect

The highlight of Patch 7 is new ending content for evil playthroughs.

Up until now, evil players got only a short cutscene at the end of the game. Compared to the multiple cutscenes and later epilogues to wrap up a good playthrough, it can feel lackluster.

However, now it seems that there will be much more pomp and ceremony. A standard evil playthrough now seems to have cutscenes demonstrating how the player character will take over the world.

Meanwhile, Dark Urge players who fully embrace their murderous desires may now get to see the bloody apocalypse they will wreak.

Outside of story content, Patch 7 will also bring the much-requested official modding tools. While PC players will have been experimenting with a variety of fun mods, console players have thus far had exclusively vanilla experiences.

With official modding tools, this will make it easier for players on any platform to install and maintain mods in their game, from the immersive to the overpowered to the humorously absurd.

Additionally, there will be another round of bug fixes.

There is not yet an official release date for Patch 7.

bg3 patch 7

What next for developer Larian Studios?

While there will be continued bug fixes and support services, patch 7 is the end in terms of narrative content.

Fans hoping for DLC or expansion adventures that address past or future events will unfortunately be left cold.

Larian Studios has confirmed that they will not be developing Baldur’s Gate 4 or similar title in the D&D franchise.

The independent studio has expressed an interest in pursuing their own intellectual properties, and develop new games free of outside influence.

Their flagship franchise is the Divinity series, whose most recent entry was Divinity: Original 2 released in 2017. This game provided the bedrock for Baldur’s Gate 3 so any BG3 fans still hankering for more gameplay might be interested in checking out past or future Divinity titles.

Larian boss Swen Vincke has confirmed that they are working on two new projects. While still ambitious, Vincke cautions that their next game will likely not be on the same scope as BG3.

Given that BG3 took six years of development, it’s understandable that they’d want to scale back for their next project in the name of efficiency.

Previous comments hinted that their next game would not be fantasy. This rules out Divinity so it seems that there may be a new franchise with a different flavor to excite fans.

Regardless of what comes next, Larian Studios is on a hot streak and doubtless many (including us) will hotly anticipate whatever they release next.

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