“More really big games” are coming to Game Pass this year says Sarah Bond

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A lot of questions have been raised about Microsoft’s plans with Game Pass since it seems to be hurting them long-term. Customers can subscribe to Game Pass and receive games at no extra cost instead of purchasing them for the $69.99 price tag. That seems to be a big internal issue at Microsoft right now since they acquired Activision and now own Call of Duty.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is debating putting the newest Call of Duty on Game Pass. If they do launch it on the Xbox service then they’d be expecting a drop in full sales, but more than likely a higher player count. Another thing to note about the best deal in gaming is that it also applies to PC so you’d likely lose sales from two major platforms.

Speaking at Bloomberg Live, Xbox president Sarah Bond was interviewed about a lot of different topics about the platform including Game Pass. She still promises there will be big games coming to the service this year indicating the next Call of Duty will be headed there.

Here is the translation (thanks XboxEra):

Sarah: “And the last piece is about game pass. We know our core users love game pass, game pass is a gaming subscription, you get a whole portfolio of games, but importantly you get every single one of the games we build day one in game pass. And the quality and the breadth of those games has only been going up over time. And you’re going to see some more really big games going into Game Pass later this year.”

Dina: “From Activision’s portfolio or?”

Sarah: “Across the whole slate, across the whole slate, you’re going to see some really amazing things. And keeping that as something that is really special for Xbox players is central to us.”

Based on the president of Xbox words that means Microsoft will continue to add its first-party lineup to its best service for gamers the day they release. A lot of questions remain regarding the future of Xbox as they have closed four more studios including Tango Gameworks.

During the event with Bloomberg, Sarah Bond said the Xbox Mobile Game Store will be launching this July.

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