Dragons Dogma 2 Microtransactions Casuing Negative Reviews

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Players are feeling down right now with the new Dragons Dogma 2 microtransactions.

The absurd one-time use of items up for grabs makes this single-player game pay to win!

But how badly has Capcom done this time, and does it really affect the game?

Dragons Dogma 2: Microtransactions

Dragons Dogma 2, the awaited Capcom RPG, was released yesterday. But instead of overwhelmingly positive reviews, players have been complaining about the malicious DLC on offer for the single-player game.

Capcom and poorly priced and impolemented DLC? Why I never!

Along with generally poor performance issues (just staying faithful to the original game in my eyes), the game comes with a bunch of DLC.

And we are not talking cosmentic DLC or weapons; we are talking really strange choices. Like a one-time-use, get-out-of jail-free item that breaks upon use.

Or how about being able to re-edit the character? That will be 5 dollars, please.

In total, all DLC items amount to around 50 dollars. Making the already 70-dollar single-player game quite expensive!

Also, the game has only one save file, and you cannot start a new game in the main menu. The last game had one save file, but it would allow you to start a fresh game at least!

And port crystals are DLC now too. These automatically create waypoints on the map wherever you place them for teleporting. Funny because I remember the developer talking about how he wanted to encourage players to travel on foot more.

I guess either he was lying or, more likely, Capcom squeezed this bit of DLC out of the team against their will.

Look, we get that games are expensive to make. That does not excuse poor choices in DLC that honestly hinder the experience of the game.

Instead of earning this stuff in game, I can just buy it like a looser who spends money on pointless DLC.

Other Issues

As I have mentioned before, unfortunately, DLC is not the only issue affecting the game right now.

Currently the frame is screwed. This goes for PC gamers and especially console gamers. We are talking at best about the unsteady 30FPS dropping down to the teens!

Also, your save file is linked to the games cloud servers. Not bad, right? Wrong, if you delete your save manually, it will tick with Denuvo as a new activity and will block your Steam account from playing!

Thats right, you are getting banned for just trying to start a new game. Also, the game uses Denuvo, so thats probably a reason why the performance is so bad.

But hey, like 200 dudes pirated the game, so we got to implement antipirating measures! Thats another thing, though Denuvo is trash, and we all know it, and everyone suffers for the really inexpensive crimes of like a handful of people.

And this all hits pretty hard because I am a fan of Dragons Dogma. Been there since day one, baby. And to see Capcom resort to old tricks and blunders really dampens the mood for what is a great game underneath.

The gameplay is excellent, and the look is snazzy. Why they had to drop the ball like this, I dont know. It really feels like it was almost on purpose how bad it all is, especially after the character creator made so much buzz for the game and the Dragons Dogma 2 microtransactions had to spoil it.

Nice going, Capcom. A star!

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