Minecraft 1.21 update is named “Tricky Trials”

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Minecraft 1.21 update is named “Tricky Trials”
Onur Demirkol

The Minecraft 1.21 update has been announced and it is named “Tricky Trials.” We now have a new weapon and more features!

The popular game Minecraft, created by Mojang, has a big update coming called “Tricky Trials”. This new update creates a lot of excitement because it promises to add new and fun elements to the game that many people love.

“Tricky Trials” suggests that players will face challenges requiring clever thinking, which fits well with Minecraft’s style of allowing players to build and explore creatively.

Mojang has given a sneak peek at what’s coming in “Tricky Trials” and has already introduced some cool features before this update.

For instance, players can now make armor for their wolves using materials from armadillos and even color this armor. Another update called Realms Plus improves playing with friends online by adding new features like a social feed and better graphics.

OF course, that is more to the Minecraft 1.21 update. Let’s take a closer look at what we have in hand right now.

Credit: Mojang

“Tricky Trials” is the name of Minecraft 1.21 update

The “Tricky Trials” update is packed with lots of new things. One of the highlights is the Ominous Trails, where players can enter a challenge mode by using a special bottle. They need to fight against monsters; if they win, they get a special key that unlocks rewards.

There’s also a new weapon called the Mace. It’s different because it works best when you jump from high places to attack. You won’t get hurt from the fall if you hit your target. But if you miss, it will hurt!

This weapon, along with five new artworks in the game and a tough new mode for console players where you can’t come back to life if you die, shows that Mojang keeps adding exciting things to keep the game interesting.

The update also includes new building materials like Decorative Copper and new items like The Crafter, which players can use to make things. There are new places to explore like Trail Chambers, and new items to collect like Armor Trims and Banner Patterns that let players customize their look even more.

Agnes Larsson, who directs the game, said they chose the name “Tricky Trials” because it reflects the challenges and fun surprises in Minecraft. The update is designed to test players’ abilities and inspire them to try new ways to play.

Minecraft 1.21 update
Credit: Mojang

Minecraft 1.21 release date

So, what about the Minecraft 1.21 release date? Now that we know this much about it, when are we going to get our hands on it?

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a clear release date for this update. There are no official announcements neither any leaks that hit the surface.

The only thing we can say about this update is that it will come put in the coming months, almost 100% in 2024. Yes, that is not much information but unfortunately we don’T know any other details about the Minecraft 1.21 release date.

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