How I Upgraded WRC 7’s Graphics for a More Immersive Experience

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How I Upgraded WRC 7’s Graphics for a More Immersive Experience

I’m a huge racing game fan, so when WRC 7 came out I was thrilled to play it. However, I felt like the graphics could use some improvement to make the experience more realistic and immersive. So I did some tinkering and figured out a really easy way to give the visuals a major upgrade. Let me walk you through what I did – it just takes a few simple steps!

What You’ll Need

First, you’ll need to download a free program called ReShade. This handy little tool allows you to customize and enhance graphics and visuals in games. You can grab it from the official ReShade website here. Super easy!

Installing ReShade

Once downloaded, open up ReShade and select your WRC7.exe file as the target. This tells ReShade that you want to tweak the graphics specifically for WRC 7. Make sure to choose the Direct3D 10+ compatibility option.
When it asks if you want to download some standard effect packages, go ahead and download them first. We won’t end up using these, but good to have them just in case. After the effects are downloaded, uncheck all of them so no unwanted changes get applied to your game out of the box.

Adding the Custom Profile

This is the fun part! I put together a custom ReShade profile that specifically enhances WRC 7’s graphics and visuals. You’ll need to unpack the WRC7_DIRTY_RESHADE.rar file and put it into the same folder where your WRC7.exe is saved. It will ask you to override any existing files – say yes.
Once that’s set up, simply press Alt+F2 when you open WRC 7 to pull up the ReShade menu. From there select the WRC7_DIRTY_RESHADE.ini profile I built. Sit back and enjoy the upgraded, more immersive graphics!

It really only takes a few minutes to set this up, and it makes a huge difference in how realistic and fun WRC 7 is. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy racing!

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