How to Master Helldivers 2: Conquer with Confidence

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How to Master Helldivers 2: Conquer with Confidence 1 –

How to Master Helldivers 2: Conquer with Confidence

Whats up guys, ready to absolutely dominate some achievements in Helldivers 2? I gotcha covered with this ridiculously easy guide for scoring those sweet, sweet “Hold My Primary I’m Going In”, “Caught Them by Supplies”, and “Hot Potato” cheevos. But yo, listen up – playing with randos can totally screw up your progress, so either team up with your homies or kick those randoms outta your lobby. Trust me, itll make your life way easier. Were gonna tackle both Automatons and Bugs, but real talk, Bugs are gonna be a total cakewalk. Lets get into it!

Bug Walkthrough:


Aight so for taking on the bug sectors, heres what you need in your arsenal:

  • Eagle Cluster Bomb
  • Eagle Napalm Strike
  • Machine Gun Sentry
  • Gatling Sentry
  • Anti-Personal Minefield


  1. Start up a difficulty 5 exterminate bugs campaign on Erata Prime. Its this tiny map where your only job is to wreck some bugs. Oh and btw this strat works on other bug planets too, like Veld, Fenrir III, and Hellmire.
  2. Once you spawn in, haul a*s towards the middle of the map. Youll see this weird looking rock formation.
  3. Climb up that sucker and plop yourself right on top. The secret is to climb up where the rock meets the fence.
  4. From up there most bugs wont be able to touch you, except for maybe a couple hunters and baby brood commanders here and there. Oh and chargers will probably start crowding around you too.
  5. For that “Caught Them by Supplies” achievement, just chuck a resupply next to one of those chargers feet and boom, achievement unlocked!
  6. Now all you gotta do is waste 175 bugs without using your primary or support weapon. If youve got napalm and cluster strikes on deck, spam those to speed things up, but watch out for blowing yourself up lol

Automaton Walkthrough:


For taking on the Automaton sectors, make sure you bring:

  • Machine Gun Sentry
  • Gatling Sentry
  • Auto Cannon Sentry
  • Mortar Sentry

Oh and dont forget your trusty P-19 Redeemer pistol & some armor with the engineering kit so you can carry 2 extra nades. Heres the armor thats got the engineering kit: [image]


  1. Jump into a difficulty 5 automaton eradication mission. Itll be this small map where you gotta smoke 150 automatons.
  2. When you land youll be right smack in the middle of the map, kinda like this: [image]
  3. Drop your mortar ASAP and hang a right. Youll see this bunker with a spotlight on it. Climb up top and go prone (hit “z” if your still using default controls).
  4. When your prone the automatons are gonna have a hell of a time hitting you with their pea shooters. But heads up they can still lob grenades at you so stay alert. This is prime time for that “Hot Potato” achievement tho.
  5. Now just chip away at wasting 150 automatons without using your primary or support weapons. If you run outta ammo or nodes you can try to resupply but its super risky & might make finishing the mission a real pain in the a*s. Play it safe and just wait for your stratagems to resupply, trust me on this one.

And there ya have it dudes! Follow these starts & you’ll be well on your way to bagging those “Hold My Primary I’m Going In”, “Caught Them by Supplies”, and “Hot Potato” achievements. Just remember to roll with a squad or give the randos the boot to make your life a whole lot easier. Now get out there and go ham on some hellbugs and tin cans! Good luck soldiers!

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