Unlock the Secrets of Special Stratagems in HELLDIVERS 2

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Unlock the Secrets of Special Stratagems in HELLDIVERS 2 1 – steamclue.com

Unlock the Secrets of Special Stratagems in HELLDIVERS 2

They are a type of statistical increase or beneficial upgrade to certain aspects of your mission. Be it more ammo, increased survivability, or lowered stratagem cooldown… oh yeah that didnt make the cut. The differences being; one person can have one type of booster active, and it benefits the whole squad for the entire mission. (Assuming they do not prematurely disconnect. Which given the state of the servers, can be a struggle.)

SOS Beacon

Its a lifeline for Helldivers in need of a*sistance. By inputting the activation code (Up, Down, Left, Up), you can deploy the SOS Beacon and send a distress signal to other online players. This signal alerts fellow Helldivers who are available to join your mission and provide backup.

Resupply Stratagem

Its a game-changer when it comes to replenishing essential supplies on the battlefield. By entering the activation code (Down, Down, Up, Right), you can call in a drop pod filled with ammunition, grenades, and stim packs to your designated location.

They do not stack, their effects are global, and are all currently unlocked from pages within warbonds. Which is likely not subject to change but I put this here just in case so I can cover all my bases.

Secondly, the math and testing is done by myself, and my friends, and the “conclusions” are purely my own experience mixed with the math and testing. All within 100+ hours, in groups, and solo, mostly on Helldive as most other difficulties are bland to me. So take that in mind if you see your go-to booster in the dumpster tier. Not that I am actually going to tier list anything, I think they are fun, but ultimately a very flawed way of looking at things.

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