How to level up as a super citizen in HELLDIVERS 2

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How to level up as a super citizen in HELLDIVERS 2 1 –

How to level up as a super citizen in HELLDIVERS 2

In this guide i will let you know how to level up as a supercitizen in HELLDIVERS 2. Keep playing and i stumbled upon a quick fix. now this can sound a little crazy and weird but you need to stick and follow what I’m saying to level up fast. the secret to leveling up fast can be achieved by just following these simple tips. i know it’s weird, but trust me this really works. i tried multiple ways to level up but the only way to reach super citizen status was to follow these tips. but we are lucky the fix is simple to make.

So here’s the step-by-step to level up as a super citizen. First, change your Privacy Settings. you can find it easily by just looking in the options menu. when you open it try to find the setting to only allow friends to join and select it. from there, search for the option to enable pointing and pinging and turn it on. now, here is the important part. try to find samples and loot during missions and always grab them. finally, make sure to resupply your team and dont take all the charges for yourself. and that’s it, simple as that you will level up in no time!


As a helldiver, never leave a teammate behind. help them out by shooting at enemies or using stratagems. even without a mic, you can still communicate using the in-game pointing or the chat in the bottom right. playing as a team makes the game more fun for everyone.


Always look for samples during missions and be sure to grab them. they’re shared with the whole team. use the mini-map to find dead teammates and get their loot. you can also ping item locations to make it easier for everyone to find them.


For support gear dropped by dead teammates, only pick it up if you have to. take it if you can’t revive them right away or if they ask. to be nice, you can even drop items for them if they respawn far or in emergencies. but it’s okay to use their regular weapons since they’ll get them back on respawn anyway.


When using a resupply, only take one charge for yourself. make sure everyone gets to resupply. reload your weapons before picking up the resupply to make the most of it.

So there you go my friends. Just follow this easy steps, to level up fast as a super citizen and finnaly you will be able to play with your friends with no problems. Try this and let me know in the comments if works for you. Enjoy playing Helldivers 2!

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