How to Farm Medals and Super Credits in HELLDIVERS 2

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How to Farm Medals and Super Credits in HELLDIVERS 2 1 –

How to Farm Medals and Super Credits in HELLDIVERS 2

Do you wanna buy some cool stuff from the store but don’t got enough credits? Don’t feel like spending money or doing another 200 medal battle pa*s challenge? Well I got a solution for ya! You might not have noticed but in the game you can actually farm premium currency by looting interesting locations.

One thing to keep in mind is that super credits and medals get added to your account right when you pick them up, so you don’t gotta wait for the 2 minute evacuation. You can just leave the game! This doesn’t work for samples tho, you need to evac those. I usually do this to take a break from the boring search for interesting spots.

Difficulty and Equipment

It’s pretty simple. Choose the “1 – Easiest” difficulty. Why? Cuz on the lowest difficulty the map is really small and interesting locations don’t spawn any bugs.

Pick the lightest equipment to max out your running speed and stamina recovery:

A jetpack would be great to speed up your search if you can afford to buy one trust me it really helps.


One important thing: choose an open, flat planet without a bunch of forests or too many things blocking your view. Try to avoid planets with a hot effect cuz it drains your stamina way faster.

It’s good to pick the sunny part of the planet so you’re not searching for points of interest in the dark.

I went with the basic desert planet Erata Prime, it’s not the best choice since sandstorms sometimes happen during the day. But it doesn’t really stop you from farming good. If you find a better planet for farming lemme know in the comments 🙂


I like to pick a spot where I can go around the whole map without having to come back to the main objective (if I decide to leave the map by evacuating).

Don’t forget your jetpack (the rest is up to you).

It’d be nice if you already got an amplifier by now, which gives you max equipment after landing:

On the Planet

As soon as you land take a look at the map. Some points of interest are buildings you can see on the map. But these usually aren’t the best spots for credit farming. Look around while you run, sometimes there’s drone wreckage thats highlighted by a vertical beam:

These red or blue containers are what we want to get our greedy hands on. You can find em near buildings or just in a little pit somewhere.

Blow em up with a grenade or something that explodes (so its good to have that amplifier for 4/4 grenades), and see whatcha got. I got lucky and got both battle pa*s medals and the sweet super credits (always 10 in a pack):

After that you gotta decide if you wanna quickly leave the planet or save the loot you collected, which doesn’t save right away. Up to you.

Keep doing this along the route we planned. Remember you might have really good luck or not find a single super credit. I was able to get 100 super credits in about 45 minutes which I think is a pretty successful farming session.

With a video on or while enjoying a drink, you won’t even notice how much loot you’ve gotten.


That’s all there is to it! It’s pretty easy, just takes some routine and patience. Start collecting for the next battle pa*s and all the store items!

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