How to skip the server queue in Helldivers 2

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How to skip the server queue in Helldivers 2 1 –

How to skip the server queue in Helldivers 2

In this guide i’ll let you know how to get around the annoying server queue problem. Been doing some testing and stumbled on a quick fix. Now this might sound a little weird but you gotta stick with me and follow what im saying to solve this issue. The fix for the annoying server queue problem is to just use the Steam friend feature. I know its odd, but trust me this really works. I tried lots of ways to fix this but the only way to get past this annoying problem was to join a friend’s game. But we’re lucky the fix is easy to do.

So here’s the step-by-step to join a friend’s game. First go to your Steam friends list. You can find it easy by just clicking the friends button in Steam. When you open it try to find a friend who’s playing Helldivers 2 and click on their name. From there, look for the “Join Game” button and click it. Now, here’s the important part. Once you click “Join Game” you’ll skip the server queue and join your friend’s game instantly. Finally, you’ll be in the game with your buddy – no more waiting in the queue. And thats it, simple as that you bypa*sed the server queue!

So there ya have it my dudes. Just follow these simple steps to completely avoid the annoying server queue and you’ll finally be able to play with your friends with no problems. Try it out and let me know how it went for you down in the comments. Now go out there and enjoy playing Helldivers 2!

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