SEGA announces Sonic Rumble, a new Sonic the Hedgehog mobile game

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SEGA just unveiled Sonic Rumble, a brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog mobile game that’s developed in collaboration with Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds.

While Rovio is helping develop the game, this won’t be a Sonic-themed Angry Birds clone. Instead, it’s a game that features battle royale challenges where players control toy figures of the iconic Sonic characters.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, check out the new Sonic Rumble mobile game’s announcement trailer here:

While the game features a unique take on the franchise that turns it into a big multiplayer experience, it still retains signature Sonic elements such as the fact that players will need to go fast and collect the most rings to win.

Aside from controlling iconic Sonic characters in toy form, players will also get to create unique avatars which they can use in the 32-player battle royale challenges. Plus, based on the trailer, the game does seem to have some challenges that feature the signature 2D sidescrolling action of the classic Sonic games.

Sonic Rumble will be released on Android and iOS, though there’s no word yet on a specific release date.

In related news, a new line of Sonic merch was also released recently featuring t-shirts and accessories.

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