Palworld’s player base has dropped significantly since January

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Palworld was the first game this year to gain huge popularity when it released as an Early Access title on Xbox and PC. It has been best compared to Pokemon with Guns with a lot of similarities to the Gamefreak franchise to the point that it was being investigated by The Pokemon Company for IP infringement. It seems Palworld reached its peak already as the active player base has dropped significantly after it reached concurrent player counts of over 2 million.

According to Steam Charts, Palworld is still averaging around 50,000 to 130,000 concurrent players at once which is still a great number.

Palworld is the biggest 3rd party Game Pass release ever when it reached over 7 million players on Xbox consoles alone. Across both PC and Xbox Palworld reached over 25 million players and that counts players on Game Pass and those who actually bought the game.

While a lot of Game Pass subscribers played a big part in the amount of attention Palworld got, it still sold 5 million copies in just the first three days of release.

With all of the success Palworld is having you’d think this is a fully released video game, but it’s only in Early Access and there’s only more to come from Pocket Pair in the coming months. Sadly, this experience is not available for PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch.

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