Chinese League Pro Suspended For Inappropriate Bear Handling

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Chinese League Pro Suspended For Inappropriate Bear Handling
Samuel Brickell

Lu Leyan, a Chinese League pro, was suspended for an inappropriate live stream.

The player in question was fined just over $6,000 and suspended!

But was this justified, and is he, by chance, Anne Main?

Chinese League Pro Suspended Lu Leyan

No, you read the title correctly. Apparently, Invictus Pro player Lu Leyan got into hot water during a live stream recently.

During a heated livestream, the player apparently made “suggestive movements” toward a large stuffed bear. Also, he had a bet with another player, saying he would vape live on stage after a loss.

According to fans, these are the actions that led to a fine and suspension for two matches. But Riot has not noted these as the official reasons.

He was fined 50k yuan, along with the team being fined 20k yuan. About 9660 dollars in total, give or take.

Now for full discolonization. I have not seen this livestreamed video. Nor does it sound like I really want to watch it. But just going off of the reports, I’m going to say it. It seems a little drastic to me.

The player has been on record saying, “It’s not what everyone thinks. The bear was too big. The music in the headphones was rocking at that time. I just thought the bear was cute, so I hugged it and shook it.”.

Now that was machine translated from the Chinese mind, so it may have lost some subtlety. But let’s be real, it is not likely he did anything drastic, like pulling out his Infinity Edge! If that’s the case, fine away; that’s indecent exposure.

But if all the guy did was Dry Q a stuffed bear, yes, it’s weird, but it’s not worth thousands of dollars in damages.

Sure, it doesn’t look great for Invictus to have a player do that, but that should be up to them and not third parties. Especially Riot, given their track record!

Riots Inappropirate Past

It was a good time to bring up again that Riot was the company sued for $100 million for gender discrimination. This was based on sexual misconduct and harassment.

But this wasn’t as bad as Blizzard, as no breast milk thieves were caught at the Riot office. But there was still accordingly a bunch of harassment, grooming, and a general unwelcoming environment for female developers.

Now are any of these true? It’s hard to tell these days in the tsunami of false information. Especially with regards to this particular subject matter. But just like in the Michael Jackson case, you don’t spend millions of dollars if you do nothing.

Should this Chinese League pro suspension be lifted then? Unfortunately, without seeing the video, I cannot judge for myself. But it does seem a little drastic, and really, why Riot cares at all is just weird.

But this should be a message to all stuffed bear enthusiasts out there. First, make sure cameras are turned off before making moves. Secondly, have the bear write out a consent form to exempt you from any legal damages.

Lastly, stop playing League; clearly, it has your lot pent up. May I suggest a fun round of Heroes of the Storm?

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