All of the EMEA Masters 2024 Spring teams

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All of the EMEA Masters 2024 Spring teams
Onur Demirkol

The list is almost ready, and we have gathered all of the EMEA Masters 2024 Spring teams that have qualified for the tournament so far!

LEC is the biggest League of Legends tournament in Europe, but EMEA Masters is right behind it in second place.

The best regional teams from all over Europe get together to decide who the best team is, and the lineup is almost set.

Prime League and GLL are the only leagues that we still haven’t seen the final game and both leagues will be concluded next week on April 12.

However, almost all of the teams are set for the EMEA Masters 2024 Spring competition after the Turkish Grand Final yesterday.

Let’s take a look at all the teams that have guaranteed a place in the tournament!

EMEA Master 2024 Spring Main Event teams

The teams you see below have made it to the finals of their respective leagues. They have a headstart and will start the competition directly from the main event. The main event will start on April 19 and the winner will be set on April 28.

Here are all of the teams that clinched a spot in the main event:

  • LFL 2024 Spring Playoffs: ⁠Karmine Corp Blue, ⁠Team BDS Academy
  • TCL 2024 Winter Playoffs: Papara SuperMassive, Beşiktaş Esports
  • Prime League 2024 Spring Playoffs: SK Gaming Prime? Eintracht Spandau?
  • SuperLiga 2024 Spring Playoffs: Los Heretics, Guasones
  • Ultraliga 2024 Spring Playoffs: Zero Tenacity, Orbit Anonymo Esports
  • NLC 2024 Spring Playoffs: Lionscreed
  • LIT 2024 Spring Playoffs: Dsyre Esports
EMEA Masters 2024 Spring
Papara SuperMassive

EMEA Master 2024 Spring Play-in teams

Now onto the play-in teams. These teams you see below will compete against each other to reach the main event and fight against the best teams in every region. The play-in stage will start on April 15 and last until April 17.

Here are all of the play-in teams:

  • LFL 2024 Spring Playoffs: ⁠Gentle Mates
  • TCL 2024 Winter Playoffs: BoostGate Esports
  • NLC 2024 Spring Playoffs: Ruddy Esports
  • LIT 2024 Spring Playoffs: Macko Esports
  • Arabian League 2024 Spring Playoffs: Nigma Galaxy, Geekay Esports
  • GLL 2024 Spring Playoffs: Anorthoses Famagusta Esports?, Team Phantasma?
  • LPLOL 2024 Spring Playoffs: EGN Esports, GTZ Esports
  • Hitpoint Masters 2024 Spring Playoffs: Entropiq, GLORE
  • EBL 2024 Spring Playoffs: BeFive
  • EBL 2024 Spring Split: SPIKE Syndicate
  • Elite Series 2024 Spring Playoffs: KRC Genk Esports, A One Man Army
EMEA Masters 2024 Spring
Karmine Corp

EMEA Master 2024 Spring format

Let’s break down how the tournament works. It starts with the play-in stage, which splits 16 teams into four groups for a double round-robin (everyone plays everyone twice).

Each match is just one game. The top two teams from each group then move on to the knockout stage, where they play best-of-three matches to see who gets into the main event.

The main event mirrors this setup, with 16 teams split into four groups. They’re arranged so teams from the same region don’t bump into each other too early.

It’s another double round-robin here, with the best two from each group heading to the knockout stage. This final round is all about single-elimination matches, cranking up the intensity with best-of-five games to crown the ultimate champion.

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