2XKO Illaoi Breakdown And Gameplay Impressions

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2XKO Illaoi Breakdown And Gameplay Impressions
Samuel Brickell

With the reveal, it’s time for a 2XKO Illaoi breakdown breakdown.

Formally, Project L and Riot have announced the latest fighter along with some gameplay breakdowns.

But let’s check out her moves and what damage she is causing!

2XKO Illaoi Breakdown And Reveal

Riot has recently dropped an Illao breakdown trailer. We knew she was in the game since the more in-depth trailer a few months ago, of course.

Watch here.

But now we get a more in-depth look at what the muscle lady is capable of. Also, some got to try her out at a test event. So taking it all together, we have a decent idea of what she will play.

However, there are going to be some changes from now to the full release. So really, what I want to get across is the feel and style of the character. Jumping into frame data and strategies is a little futile since they will all be changed down the road.

She is described as a heavy-hitting juggernaut. The focus here is on big windups and big damage. Similar to my characters, she can set her tentacles up against the map.

These can be set manually or automatically. The functions as of now seem to work, dealing damage and even grabbing airborne opponents. An emphasis was placed on not making her feel like a puppet character, though.

Instead, most of her damage comes from herself rather than her tentacles. However, just like in League, players can destroy the tentacles.

Honestly, though her kit still heavily relies on the proper use of her tentacles, Best used to add to already-set aggresive play. If you get the guy in the air, set up some tentacles or drop a super to spawn a bunch.

Also, it is pretty useful for pulling defensive enemies out of position.

Just Frame Mechanic

During gameplay, it was discovered that she has a just frame with her tentacles. If you are able to hit a special button at the same time a tentacle hits an enemy, you are granted an extra hit stun.

This could allow more potential combo extensions and crazy aggressive play. Of course, it opens up more options to let the second player jump in safely.

2XKO Illaoi Breakdown

Normally, setting her tentacles will spawn small tentacles that can be pretty viable. But her supers spawn and turn all the tentacles into big ones. This deals more damage and covers almost the whole screen.

So far, her best matchup seems to go well with Ahri. The mix of a heavy hitter with a quick dash seems to work well. But from one on one, she seems a bit off-up against her faster opponents.

She is definitely a much harder character to pick up than the rest. But from what we got to try out, she seems like a cool addition to the roster and is a very unique character compared to the rest. I am still waiting for my true brother, Teemo, to make an appearance.

Also, just on topic, her whole Great Serpant Religion lore thing seems really silly. She follows a religion about a giant serpant that entails that people should follow their desires as set in accordance with the universe.

Maybe I am expecting too much from the writing team over at Riot, but what does a giant Serpanget have to do with egoism and following one’s desires? That’s like if someone rewrote Shadow of Insmouth but then added that everyone did cardio on Sunday because Cthulu said so.

2XKO Illaoi Breakdown

Like, what does a giant sea serpent care if some dude follows his desire to eat a burger?

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