Dead Space 2 Remake Reportedly Shelved Due To ‘Lacklustre’ Sales

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Dead Space 2 Remake Reportedly Shelved Due To ‘Lacklustre’ Sales

After a long wait, fans of the Dead Space series finally got a treat last year with an amazing remake of the first game, thanks to EA and Motive. Naturally, this increased fans’ expectations for the Dead Space 2 Remake. However, recent reports suggest that those hopes might have hit a roadblock, as plans for a Dead Space 2 remake have apparently been put on hold due to the failure first game’s commercial performance.

Dead Space 2 Remake Reportedly Shelved Due To ‘Lacklustre’ Sales

There won’t be a Dead Space 2 remake anytime soon. Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb made this claim when talking about Motive’s current projects. This info comes after it was revealed that EA has integrated Motive into its larger Battlefield development team.

Grubb mentioned, “They were working on Dead Space 2, and they are no longer working on it. It is on the shelf because the first game had lacklustre sales, is how it was phrased to me.”

While Grubb admitted that he’s not certain if the game will never see the light of day, he emphasized that it’s not currently in the works after having been in the pre-production phase. He stated, “So if you were looking forward to Dead Space 2, it’s straight up bad news. Does this mean it never happens? I don’t know if that’s the case, but as it stands right now, they were working on it. It was in the concepting phase I believe, it was in pre-production. And now that work has been put on the shelf and they are done with it, and this studio is now making Iron Man and Battlefield.”

Motive’s General Manager, Patrick Klaus, shared the studio’s plans on Tuesday, revealing that the minds behind the Dead Space remake, Philippe Ducharme (Executive Producer) and Roman Campos-Oriola (Creative Director), will lead a team at Motive to collaborate with Battlefield studios worldwide on the future of the Battlefield franchise, comprising of both multiplayer and single-player experiences. Additionally, the company has confirmed that the ongoing season of Battlefield 2042 will be its last.

Overall, despite hints from EA and Motive that a Dead Space 2 Remake could still be in the cards at some point, the poor sales of Dead Space and the team’s recent announcement that they were working on an Iron Man game made the possibility of a remake of the second game appear improbable.

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