Jim Ryan says the PlayStation 2 actually sold 160 million units

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Posted on March 29, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Today is the last day that Jim Ryan will be the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment with Hiroki Totoki taking his place in the meantime. During the Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 481 featuring Jim, he now confirms the PlayStation 2 sold 160 million units. 

This comes as a shock to the industry as for such a long time it was thought that the PlayStation 2 was sitting at roughly 158 million units sold. Either way, it still remains the best-selling gaming console in history. 

Here is the Q&A with Jim Ryan and Sid Shuman on the podcast (Thanks Zuby_Tech):

Sid Shuman: “How would you describe each decade of PlayStation?

Jim Ryan: “I would say 160 Million, which is the number of PS2s that we sold, our high watermark.”

This has become a very hot topic in the industry as of late since the Nintendo Switch looks like it can catch Sony’s most successful console. As of now, the Nintendo Switch has sold 139 million units, and it’s only about 20 million away from surpassing the PlayStation 2 in sales.


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