Palworld Legendary Frostallion: How to Find and Catch Legendary Frostallion

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How to Find and Catch Legendary Frostallion in Palworld

Palworld has become a super popular game on Steam, and lots of players are having a great time exploring the Palpagos islands, capturing creatures, and building homes. Since the game’s launch, many players have reached the highest level, Level 50, and now they’re eager to catch the most powerful Pals, especially the Legendary Frostallion. Check out this article to learn how to find and catch the Legendary Frostallion in Palworld.


Who is Palworld Legendary Frostallion?LocationHow to Catch Frostallion

Who is Palworld Legendary Frostallion?

Frostallion is an ice-type Pal with strong ice and crystal moves. This unicorn-like pal is great at attacking. Once you catch one, you can ride it and use its ice powers for attacks. You can also use its ice abilities at your base for different tasks. Want to find a Frostallion? Let’s see where to locate it.

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Palworld Frostallion Location

In Palworld, you’ll discover the cool ice creature called Frostallion at the spot with coordinates -357, 508. To get there, head to the frozen lake east of the Land of Absolute Zero fast-travel flag. You can only find Frostallion in one specific location on the map, in the icy area to the North/North-West. Make sure your character is dressed warmly to endure the freezing cold in that part of the game world.

How to Catch Frostallion in Palworld?

To catch Frostallion in Palworld, make sure to have the right team and plan.

Use Fire Pals because they can hurt Frostallion’s Ice type. Also, use ranged weapons to slowly weaken it. Bring lots of Pal Spheres as catching Frostallion is tough, and have healing items in case the fight lasts long.

Slowly chip away at Frostallion’s health from a distance before getting closer to try and capture it once it’s weaker. Keep trying, and eventually, you’ll succeed.

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By adding the stunning and strong Frostallion to your collection, you show that you’re really good at taming the various creatures in Palworld.

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