Prison Architect 2 Release Date Delayed Again to September 2024

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Double Eleven and Paradox Interactive has revealed that Prison Architect 2, the highly anticipated jail simulation sequel, will launch in the autumn after being postponed for a second time.

Prison Architect 2 Release Date Delayed Again to September 2024

Instead of hitting the shelves on March 26 as initially planned, then rescheduled for May 7, this jail simulation sequel, Prison Architect 2 is now set to launch on September 3. The delay was attributed to issues with memory usage impacting the game’s stability, according to a statement from the game’s publisher, Paradox Interactive.

Prison Architect 2 is ready for release on all platforms, but the developer has chosen to postpone the game to give it the highest possible quality. The additional four months will be utilized to address concerns such as reducing crashes, optimizing performance, and polishing existing features.

A post credited to the Prison Architect 2 team states, “While we currently have builds certified on all platforms and are ready to release, some issues regarding memory usage and minimum spec configurations experiencing more failures have emerged. Considering the legacy of Prison Architect, and you – our passionate community, we want to ship the best possible sequel to such a beloved game, without cutting corners to do so.”

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Further explanation provided by the statement details how the decision to delay was reached. Stability tests conducted in the lead-up to the launch revealed that the game was falling short of the developer’s standards for minimum spec configurations, with players experiencing more crashes or freezes than desired.

Double Eleven will reportedly apply the extra development period to improve the stability of the game in addition to using it to “put more time into further developing some of the existing features that we know can be improved.”

While we did got a brief idea on the reason of delay, Double Eleven plans to discuss these development plans in more detail during a Prison Architect 2 stream scheduled for April 25.

Well, it seems like the devs are being careful as this announcement comes shortly after Paradox Interactive issued an apology for the launch state of Cities Skylines 2 last year and the subsequent release of DLC despite ongoing issues with the base game.

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