Fallout 3 – Fastest way to complete Tranquility Lane

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Fallout 3 is full of quests for players to complete and the main quest line takes you to interesting places including Vault 112. In this vault, you are brought into a simulation that is ultimately evil that is controlled by Braun and this quest is better known as Tranquility Lane.

There is an easy way to complete Tranquility Lane if you are looking to have Good Karma. When you first start in the simulation you’ll want to talk to Betty. The first task given is to make Timothy cry, but instead of doing that go find Old Lady Dither near her house. She will tell you about the Failsafe Terminal located in the Abandoned House.

There will be five different items to activate – Radio, Garden Gnome, Glass Pitcher, Cola Bottle, and Cinder Block. Below is the order to activate to unlock the Failsafe Terminal:


Once the Failsafe Terminal shows up in the living room you can go to it and activate the Chinese Invasion program. Once you do that go outside and talk to Dr. Braun before you leave and exit through the door.

You will then unlock the Achievement or Trophy for completing Tranquility Lane.

There is a longer way to complete this quest and that is to listen to all of Dr. Braun’s evil tasks giving you Bad Karma.

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