Dead By Daylight Castlevania Crossover Coming August

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Dead By Daylight Castlevania Crossover Coming August
Samuel Brickell

The Dead by Daylight Castlevania crossover has been teased for early August.

The new crossover aims to bring some vampire action into the game.

But will Konami’s IP be worth the DLC cost for yet another stalker?

Dead By Daylight Castlevania Crossover Coming August

Behaviour Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight, have an unexpected surprise for players. Today, a teaser trailer was released on their YouTube channel.

It shows off the infamous Dracula himself and Castlevania in the background. Or just the castle? I cannot recall if the castle of Dracula is actually called Castlevania or not. Please do not stake me!

This is great news for all the ladies still playing Dead by Deadlight! But even more so for the fewer that have played other games apart from DBD.

Dead By Daylight Castlevania Crossover

Although I must say, I do not know why Behviour thinks Castlevania and DBD fans intersect. Maybe some of the Netflix show fans, to be fair.

From the teaser, we can infer that Dracula will be the monster. This means expect a new teleporting monster that can run around the map like a bat. But there is the possibility that Alucard could be made playable. Although that would not fit his style, seeing as he is not the bad guy and all,.

Possibly as well, we could see a new map introduced to the pool being set in the castle. But until we get closer to August, we won’t get the full picture.

Dead By Daylight Castlevania Crossover

However, we can take this time to gear up for the incoming DND crossover as well. And also check out the Castlevania series as well.

Dracula, as a figure and icon of horror, does fit the Dead by Daylight setting. But heck, at this point, everyone has had a go at being the new stalker!

After they introduced Ji-Woon Hak, I mean, anything could go really!


Anyway, enough about Dead by Daylight. Pick up Castlevania Symphony of the Night for PS1!

Or just about any other Castlevania title; to be honest, it has a lot of classics under the IP. The best are Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night, Super Castlevania 4, and Aria of the Moon.

Many fans of Castlevania have responded negatively to the post online. This is due to the fact that Konami has not dropped a serious Castlevania game title in years (or any game, for that matter).

Although some are pleased to see the IP get some action, others are hoping for a true return to form. But for those sorry few, I am afraid to say it’s time to move on. Konami will not release another banger under the Castlevania IP ether again. The best we can hope for is yet another HD re-release.

There is also a popular show on Netflix that many people enjoy. Although some may argue the show drops heavily in quality past season one and no longer feels like a Castlevania series but merely a skin of it,.

Dead By Daylight Castlevania Crossover

Honestly, it was fine for the first season, but after that, it definitely dropped off. Yet again, another case of someone making an IP that he seems to dislike. The lore of the original games is not held in high regard by that show.

I look forward to further details, though.

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