Square Enix Stocks Falls After Exclusivity Announcement

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Square Enix Stocks Falls After Exclusivity Announcement
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Square Enix stocks falls after announcing their shift to multiplatform launches.

This comes after a record loss of profits during Japen’s market opening.

Also, their stock prices have dropped over 15% within the first 30 minutes of the market opening.

Square Enix Stocks Fall After A 70% Profit Fall

It was the shareholders final fantasy almost a day ago!

After a whopping 70% drop in revenue, many shareholders jumped ship. That profit drop is about 14.9 billion yen! That’s around 95 million USD for those wondering.

When Square Enix price stock reach 30$ thx to the failed partnership Between Playstation and Square… Damn Phil will put out a bag a money pic.twitter.com/9KUnQy8vhi

— Marius Lisan Al Gaib DuFormage – Ponies' Cooker (@MariusPsBanner) April 17, 2024

This was so bad, in fact, that they had to halt trading for a bit to avoid a crash in the system.

But why has Square Enix suffered such a huge drop in revenue after some of their more successful lineups?

Square has stated that the revenue drop is mainly due to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Final Fantasy XVI underperforming in sales.

Square Enix Stocks Falls

But how can they underperform in sales, you ask? Well, simply put, it’s not really their fault, but the fact of the matter is that they are exclusive to PS5.

I know right, the only two exclusives on the system! Jokes aside, the PS5’s abismal lineup of exclusives has really impacted both games sales.

Let’s cut to it. The Sony sisters that own a PS5 most likely do not want to play a JRPG. In fact, they would rather play the insert sports game of the year or the interactive movie of the year.

As big as the industry is, casual still looks at Final Fantasy with disregard. Heck, even JRPG fans themselves have moved on to others that actually keep turn-based fans alive.

Most JRPG fans go to Persona now for their fix, seeing as Final Fantasy insists on making real-time combat their focus. But can Square Enix stocks fall even more?

Maybe if Square actually made a HD version of FF7 rather than the recreated Normora plot we got, then more people would have bought it, but hey, hindsight is 20/20.

Exclusives No More

Square Enix, as a response to this, has stated their plans to no longer focus on exclusives. Now they will release on multiplatforms, including Xbox, PC, and maybe Switch from time to time.

Square Enix Stocks Falls

The obvious reason for this is the easy money that comes from selling their games to a wider audience. Specifically, the PC audience is where Square’s games have seen a huge profit.

Some people have seen this as a betrayal of Sony, specifically with regards to their long-standing loyalty to the brand. But let’s be real: Sony betrayed themselves with exclusives anyhow!

Hopefully, Square Enix can learn from this. Not just the reality of the PC thing, but mainly the trap all big studios are falling into these days.

Square Enix Stocks Falls

Do not gamble billions of dollars on just one big game! Honestly, just do the old PS2 days of project development. Spread the cost and release multiple games so that if one falls through, the company does not immediately start firing people!

Whoopsy I bet all my life savings again on just one horse and lost! Come on now, it’s not that hard, people.

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