Final Fantasy 14 Servers Hit by DDoS Attacks, Causing Network Issues

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Final Fantasy 14 Servers Hit by DDoS Attacks, Causing Network Issues

Final Fantasy 14’s fan festival was held in Tokyo just last week, and the game’s Xbox Open Beta took place in February 2024. However, now in an unfortunate turn of events, a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is causing significant network issues for Final Fantasy 14, as reported on The Lodestone today.

Final Fantasy 14 Servers Hit by DDoS Attacks, Causing Network Issues

Using the official Final Fantasy 14 blog, Square Enix has announced that a wave of DDoS attacks has targeted servers all around the world. The organization is working rapidly to resolve the problem that started on May 6.

The reason behind the DDoS attacks targeting the FFXIV servers remains unclear, however, Square Enix mentioned that the issues started on May 6, 2024, affecting players across all data centers. This implies that attempting to log in will be unsuccessful and those who do succeed in entering the game may experience technical difficulties or be quickly removed from it.

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The official post revealed that players across North America, Japan, Europe, and Oceania may face unexpected disconnections, login issues, or challenges accessing, sending, and receiving data centers. The post reads, “We are investigating the attack and taking countermeasures. Additional information will be provided as the situation develops.”

That being said, neither the attacker’s identity nor the status of the problem’s resolution has been revealed thus far. Therefore, it’s still unknown how long the technical problems will persist or whether players of other Final Fantasy games should proceed with caution.

However, as it has been mentioned that “additional information will be provided as the situation develops,” we might hear some new details soon.

Well, this incident precedes the game’s various developments, including the Letter from the Producer Live LXXXI scheduled for May 16, 2024. This event will cover new jobs and job adjustments for the upcoming 7.0 update. Additionally, it is expected that an updated Dawntrail Benchmark Tool will be released around May 23, 2024, with the Dawntrail expansion itself slated for July 2, 2024.

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