Review: Shadow of the Depth (Early Access)

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Developer – ChillyRoom

Publisher – ChillyRoom

Platforms – PC (Reviewed)

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The following game is being reviewed in an Early Access State, the game may change after the release of this review, this review reflects the game at the time of publishing.

Shadow of The Depth isn’t perfect, but it’s also not completely horrible, it just… needs some work and a clearer roadmap.

Shadow of the Depth, emerges from the depths (No Pun-intended) of early access with an intriguing blend of hack-n-slash action and rogue-like elements, promising an immersive journey into dark, uncharted territories. However, treading through the murky waters of its early access state reveals a mix of promising potential and murky uncertainties.

While the game’s early access notes show commitment to expanding its roster of characters and weaponry, as well as adding more bosses and a co-op mode … that’s about all that’s clear. The early access notes also mention ” Expanding progression outside the game” , but there’s nothing to really tell us what that means.

Despite these murky waters, “Shadow of the Depth” offers a diverse cast of characters to choose from. Each of the current five characters brings their own unique playstyle and backstory to the table, adding layers of depth to the gameplay experience.

The game’s hack-n-slash rogue-like elements further enhance its appeal. Combat is dynamic and fluid, encouraging players to master combos, dodges, and parries to dispatch foes efficiently. Each character boasts a unique set of abilities and playstyles, ranging from brute force to stealthy tactics, allowing for diverse approaches to combat encounters , while the risk of permadeath looms overhead, adding a layer of tension and ensuring that every decision carries weight.

Outside of combat, players can explore the dungeons to uncover hidden treasures, unlock new weapons and equipment, and unravel the mysteries lurking within the depths. The procedural generation ensures that no two runs are the same, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging with each playthrough.

One of the final things I’d like to mention about this game is the Hand-painted visuals, while it does a great job of dynamic lighting and character models, some of the backgrounds feel like a different art-style all together and lack the same feel as other aspects of the game.

While the game in its current state is still worth a small amount of quick fun for the price , the game has a lot of work to do to be one that I’d truly recommend. Shadow of the Depth shows promise amidst its early access voyage, but it’s navigating through murky waters. The addition of new characters and weapons holds potential, but a clearer roadmap is essential to steer the game in the right direction. Nevertheless, the diverse characters and engaging hack-n-slash rogue-like elements make it a journey worth embarking on for those brave enough to dive into the depths.

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