Possible Persona 6 Release Date and Theme Hinted By New Leaks

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A fresh leak from a credible leaker has hinted at Persona 6’s possible release date and theme.

Possible Persona 6 Release Date and Theme Hinted By New Leaks

The year 2024 has been great so far for the gaming community with several big and unexpected titles making their way to our shelves, however, Atlus has yet to make any official announcements regarding Persona 6 or provide a release date. That hasn’t stopped the leaker from releasing more information, though, as a reliable leaker has already hinted at a possible release date, development cycle, and theme of Persona 6.

Possible Persona 6 Release Date

Midori, a reputable leaker known for his Persona and Atlus insights, took to X/Twitter to share some new info. According to Midori, the development of Persona 6 began in 2019.

Now, what does this info have to do with a potential release date? Well, let’s take a look back: Persona 5 entered full development in 2011 and was released five years later, in 2016. If the next Persona game follows a similar development timeline, which seems likely, it could potentially launch this year.

Midori also mentioned that development on Persona 6 kicked off around the same time as Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica entered production.

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This unofficial information about the project is just one more sign that the much-awaited role-playing game is nearing completion. Previously even Midori claimed that Persona 6 had long been planned for release in 2025, however, the insider recent reports underlined that 2026 is still a possibility.

Possible Persona 6 Theme

In addition to the potential release window, Midori dropped another bombshell: “the color theme for Persona 6 is green.” This color scheme differs from previous Persona titles, with Persona 3 sporting a blue theme, Persona 4 featuring yellow, and Persona 5 incorporating red. Although this might not seem significant at first, if accurate, this leak supports an unreal concept that Persona fans have been speculating about for the past two years.

In 2022, artwork celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary was unveiled, featuring all of the Persona protagonists leaning against a wall covered in graffiti. Although there wasn’t much green on the wall, the characters were framed so that they stood slightly off-center, and a tub of green paint instead filled up the area that another character could have used. This gave rise to the fan idea that Persona 6, about which Atlus has remained silent, will use the green theme.

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Regarding the leak itself, it comes from X user Midori, who has a track record of being a very trustworthy source for information on Sega and Atlus, including Persona. But keep in mind that everything is susceptible to change and that the report is lacking in specifics, so important to take everything with a grain of salt.

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