Netflix’s live-action City Hunter gets official trailer ahead of its release this month

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After its release date announcement, the City Hunter live-action movie from Netflix just got an official trailer that shows off lots of new footage.

While Netflix released a visual before this, the new City Hunter live-action trailer finally gives us our best look yet at the upcoming movie that stars Ryohei Suzuki as the “Sweeper” Ryo Saeba. Also in the trailer is Misato Morita as Kaoru Makimura, Ryo’s equally iconic partner in the original manga/anime series.

Check out the new trailer here:

City Hunter is an icon of the 80s, and it started as a manga in Weekly Shonen Jump. It gained popularity across the world with the anime adaptation, and it soon got plenty of other adaptations. These include two well-known live-action projects: one Jackie Chan movie and another Korean series.

As for Netflix’s new take on the iconic franchise, its story is described as:

“After receiving a cryptic message, Ryo and Hideyuki, known as the ‘City Hunter,’ set out to search for Kurumi, a famous cosplayer. When Hideyuki is tragically killed during the investigation, his sister Kaori demands answers about her brother’s untimely demise. The plot thickens as it’s revealed that the mysterious drug “Angel Dust” is at the heart of the violent incidents plaguing Shinjuku, and Kurumi is key to unlocking the truth behind it. This revelation sets Ryo and Kaori on a quest to uncover the truth shrouding Hideyuki’s death.”

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the film’s new poster:

From the looks of it, this new movie will be the most faithful live-action adaptation yet. Moreover, while series creator Tsukasa Hojo wasn’t part of the production, he had great things to say about the film after getting a preview. Hojo said:

“I really enjoyed the film and was impressed by how well it was done. This film shows the characters running around in Shinjuku and I think this is what the fans expect, giving them the thrills of watching it come alive. I encourage all fans of the original manga and anime to experience it for themselves. Even a quick peek before bed will leave you too captivated to sleep. I hope everyone enjoys it.”

The City Hunter movie will premiere on April 25, exclusively on Netflix.

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