Latest Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Patch Addresses Visuals

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Key Takeaways

  • Square Enix releases patch 1.020 for FF VII Rebirth, focusing on visual improvements in Performance Mode running at 60 FPS.
  • Players now have options to choose between “Sharp” or “Soft” screen output settings to enhance image quality in the game.
  • Development team also added difficulty settings for mini-games, addressed progression issues, and improved overall game stability.

Today, Square Enix has released patch version 1.020 for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that addresses visuals in performance mode. Along with other bug fixes, the big change comes into Performance Mode in the game. This allows the game to run at 60 FPS, but has received some criticism with the visuals. The main Graphics Mode runs at 30 FPS and pushes the visuals to their maximum. This patch will also address the frame rate and overall game stability, but improving on the reported blurry image in Performance Mode was a key fix that the development team has promised since launch, and delivered on with today’s patch.

Visual Improvements

Along with the frame rate improvements, Square Enix has added two more options to the Performance Mode. This is focused on screen output settings as the game will now offer two different options. Players can select from either “Sharp” or “Soft” to help with image quality. Along with this, Bandai Namco has labeled “Improved graphic quality” in its patch notes. The camera’s reverse setting is also now reflected in the “gliding” mode when operating a sky chocobo and in the target mini-game camera. While this isn’t listed as much, the results will come in the gameplay as the patch is up now.


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New Difficulty Settings And More Changes

The development team has also added difficulty settings to two mini-games in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Both Condor Fort and Gambit Gears will have added difficulty selection within the customization screen to help players scale both of these modes. The team also addressed progression issues that occurred under certain circumstances, addressed enemies that would randomly stop during battle, and addressed issues with Red XIII’s Lunatic High and Warrior’s Inspiration cancelation during battle. You can read the full patch notes below.

The update includes:


– Corrected typos and omissions in some texts.

-Fixed an issue with the controlled character that would occur under certain conditions on the map.

・Fixed an issue where Red XIII’s abilities “Lunatic High” and “Warrior’s Inspiration” were easily canceled during battle.

-Fixed an issue where enemies would stop under certain conditions during battle.

-Fixed a progress issue that occurred under certain conditions in the quest.

– Improved frame rate and overall game stability.

– Added “Sharp” and “Soft” options to the performance mode screen output settings.

-Improved graphic quality.

・The camera’s reverse setting is now reflected in the “gliding” mode when operating a sky chocobo.

・Reverse camera settings are reflected in the target mini-game camera.

– Enhanced guidance support while climbing the vines in the location “Mithril Mine”.

– Added difficulty settings to the customization screen for mini-games “Condor Fort” and “Gambit Gears”.

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