What does “Arise“ mean in Solo Leveling?

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What does “Arise“ mean in Solo Leveling?
Diana D'Estefano

Solo Leveling Arise is enjoying great success these days, thanks also to the fame it brings with it for its other multimedia works. However, those who have only begun to approach this franchise with the recent game published on mobile and PC may have some doubts about certain aspects.

One of these, quite simply, is hidden in the title of the game. What is the Arise meaning in Solo Leveling? If you also don’t know what it is, in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about it. Obviously, given the nature of the article, there will be plot spoilers. So, continue only if it is not a problem for you. Anyway, we will try to keep the spoilers to the bare minimum.

Arise meaning in Solo Leveling

Sung Jinwoo, the protagonist of the game (and not only), is an E-rank hunter, or a monster hunter belonging to the lowest level. This condition of him was a source of ridicule from others, but things began to change when Jinwoo began to empower himself and become more and more powerful.

During his adventure, Jinwoo will have to fight against various enemies and this will allow him to advance in class. Surprisingly, Jinwoo is shocked when he learns that he is assigned to the Necromancer class, as he would have expected to belong to the Assassin or Fighter class. However, it is precisely this type of class that will allow him to pronounce the “Arise” command.

In fact, the term “Arise” is nothing more than a command that Jinwoo can exclaim at certain moments. After defeating an enemy, by saying this command, Jinwoo will be able to make the defeated enemy become a shadow of him. In this way, Jinwoo is able to create a veritable army of dead souls that he is able to control.

Arise meaning in Solo Leveling

However, this command does not always work. If, during the adventure, Jinwoo defeats someone more powerful than him, he will not be able to use this command. So as a result, Jinwoo is only able to turn fallen enemies into shadows of him when they are weaker than him.

Obviously, this is not a choice left to chance but it is important for the continuation of the story. Anyway, now you know what the term “Arise” means in Solo Leveling, so when the time comes to use it in the game, you will know exactly what it means. Are you ready to become the creators of an army of shadows?

Solo Leveling Arise is a game that will keep you glued to your device for several hours, even if you decide to remain a free to play player. In fact, the developers have managed to best balance the gacha game structure with a game that can be enjoyed by anyone. So, our advice is not to be held back by the gacha part, because the game is really well made and you won’t regret giving it a chance.

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