Dead Space Remake devs join Battlefield development, putting sequel’s remake in doubt

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EA’s Motive Studio is undergoing a significant transition as the team joins forces with the Battlefield studios to work on the Battlefield series, putting a huge question mark on the Dead Space 2 remake.

Dead Space Remake Devs Join Battlefield development, putting sequel’s remake in doubt

In a recent announcement, EA revealed that Motive, the studio behind the Dead Space Remake, will be reallocating resources to both the Battlefield series and its upcoming Iron Man game. According to Motive, the Iron Man project “made excellent progress this year, hitting a major internal milestone.”

This shift in focus for Battlefield follows the closure of Marcus Lehto’s Ridgeline Games, with Criterion taking over the development of a single-player Battlefield game.

Heading up this new Motive team will be the directors of the Dead Space remake, Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola, having “proven expertise in storytelling, immersive battles and developing on the Frostbite engine uniquely positions them to help advance the vision for Battlefield”.

Moreover, along with the teams at Criterion, DICE, and Ripple Effect, Motive will “continue unlocking the full potential of Battlefield.” This will apply to both single-player and multiplayer scenarios.

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Byron Beede, General Manager of Battlefield, reflected similar sentiments in his statement about the series’ future. He emphasized that Vince Zampella and Byron Beede will spearhead the game’s development, signaling a strategic direction for the franchise.

In addition, EA has also stated that Battlefield 2042 Season 7 will be the final installment of the first-person shooter game. The company stated, “While we’ve enjoyed and are proud of creating these seasons of additional content for Battlefield 2042, it is now necessary for us to turn from the present to the future. What this ultimately means is that Season 7 will serve as the final season for Battlefield 2042.”

Regarding the Iron Man game, Klaus expressed satisfaction with the progress made, stating, “The team made excellent progress this year, hitting a major internal milestone and laying a robust foundation for the journey ahead. Iron Man is an important priority for Motive, and I’m very proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far.”

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The project remains a priority for the studio, with development continuing under the leadership of Olivier Proulx and Ian Frazier.

Back in 2022, EA revealed that a single-player Iron Man game was being developed. Since then, not much has been said other than Motive calling a “community council” to gather input from fans while the game is being developed.

However, amidst these updates on Motive’s future plans, particularly with Ducharme and Campos-Oriola’s involvement in other projects, the fate of the Dead Space 2 remake appears uncertain.

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