Firefox user had over 7,000 tabs open for two-plus years

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Some users like having tens to hundreds of emotional support browser taps, but a Firefox user has everyone beat as she had over 7,000 tabs open for over two years.

Recently, a Firefox power user named Hazel shared on her X (formerly Twitter) account a funny story about her thousands of tabs. To be exact, she shared in a post that Firefox refused to restore her browser session that has been open for over 2 years. Not only did it get attention on X, but it was also picked up by various publications like Techspot.

This is already an impressive amount of time on its own to have a browser session open, but what made it even more impressive is the fact that she had over 7,000 Firefox tabs open.

It seemed that these emotional support tabs are important to her as she was glad to know that you can restore an old session from the profiles cache, meaning the over 7,000 tabs are back.

thank you to everyone who provided info on how to restore an old session from the profiles cache… i feel like a part of me is restored

— hazel (@sodiumPen) April 30, 2024

In a way, this is a glowing review of Firefox as the browser managed to support all these tabs without causing memory issues. After all, other browsers are said to be major RAM hogs (looking at you Chrome).

Personally, I can’t imagine having 70 tabs open, much less 7,000. As someone who strives to keep tabs to around 15 at most, having 7,000 tabs is a nightmare for me. And while I know lots of folks who like having 50 or even 100 tabs open, this number is just mind-boggling.

At least now, tab hoarders may want to consider switching to Firefox if they haven’t yet.

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