How To Change A Pawn’s Voice

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Is your pawn’s voice annoying? Change it!

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Key Takeaways

  • Change pawn’s voice at Grand Riftstone of Vermund store with Rift Incenses: 2000 RC for specific voices.
  • Customize pawn’s appearance using Art of Metamorphosis at the barber: 500 RC for changes, 10,000G for hairstyles.
  • Be cautious as look is permanent unless using Art of Metamorphosis again; only two available at the store.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll be hearing your pawn speak A LOT and many of the same lines. You’ll likely want to change the pawn’s voice in Dragon’s Dogma 2 so you can keep your sanity.

Where to change your pawn's voice in Dragon's Dogma 2
Head over to the Grand Riftstone of Vermund to change your pawn’s voice in Dragon’s Dogma 2. 

How To Alter Your Pawn’s Voice In Dragon’s Dogma 2

To change your pawn’s possibly annoying voice in Dragon’s Dogma 2, head over to Vernworth and make your way to the Grand Riftstone of Vermund. It’s to the left of the Merchant Quarter area where Philbert’s Sundries and Bjorn’s Armory is.

However, don’t interact with the Riftstone inside. There’s a shopkeeper with a stall on the left side of the huge rock in front of you with scrolls on the table. When you speak to them, you may notice that he doesn’t take Gold. Instead, they’re taking RC (Rift Crystals). You can gain this resource by resting at inns and seeing your pawn’s progress from other players’ realms. You’ll want to upgrade your pawn’s weapon and armor to make sure they get picked up.



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Anyway, at this store, you can gain Rift Incenses. You can pick a random voice by grabbing an Ambivalent Rift Incense. It’s the cheapest at 500 RC. The others at 2000RC can give you more specific voices and inclinations based on personality traits, such as Kindhearted and Straightforward.

How To Change Your Pawn’s Appearance

A great way of changing your pawn’s appearance completely is using an Art of Metamorphosis. It costs 500 RC and can be used at a barbarie/barbers. If you want your pawn to be beefier or taller, you can certainly do that. Be careful, however, as you’ll be stuck with that look unless you use another Art of Metamorphosis. This particular store only has two, on the other hand.

The barbers also gives the option to change the pawn’s hairstyle, as well as your main character’s, at the hefty cost of 10,000G.

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