Hunter X Hunter: Nen X Impact Gameplay And Roster Size

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Hunter X Hunter: Nen X Impact Gameplay And Roster Size
Samuel Brickell

Just recently, we got some new Hunter X Hunter: Nen X Impact gameplay and roster details!

A recent post on Japanese Channel CAG Osaka revealed gameplay for the first time.

But how is it looking, and how big is the roster going to be?

Nen X Impact Gameplay And Roster Size

Just today, a Japanese gaming channel dropped a Nen X Impact gameplay video. They showed off multiple local matches, giving us our first impressions of the upcoming anime fighter.

And someone better pick up that phone because I called it! It’s a MVC3-type beat again. We got tag assits; we got the super bars that build up; it’s all there.

Also revealed by proxy was the initial roster size, or at least the number of available fighters. From the screen caps, we can make out from the roser menu 16 slots.

This could mean we have 16 fighters available at launch, with potentially more DLC fighters. Some gamers think this is a bit of a disappointment given the wide roster within the Hunter X Hunter universe.

Also, for the type of 3v3 fighter, it is a bit limited with just 16 fighters. For comparison, MVC3 launched with 38 characters. And DBZ Fighterz launched with 24 characters.

But maybe it won’t fill like a small roster playing the game, but we won’t know until launch.

The gameplay itself looks pretty similar to those used with anime fighters. It appears to focus a lot on building up meters and hitting those big combos.

What is interesting to note is the potential universal counter-mechanic on hand. I saw both Gon and Leorio go blue for a few frames and then hit back with their attacks, much like a SF3-type counterbeat.

Along with that is a bounce guard that pops up that seems to use a bit of metere to shove away oppresive enemies. It’s kind of like SF6’s drive reversal, it seems.

Gameplay Impressions

Both teams consist of three fighters that can swap out and tag assist on the fly. Of course, they can be interrogated mid-assist and swapped if not done safely.

Each player’s gauge goes up to a maximum of four, which can be used for ultimate moves and supers. But it seemed to reach five after performing some ultimates as well, which seemed a bit odd.

There was also a big Overgear symbol on the health bars I noticed. It appears to charge the more damage a team takes over time and, once used, buffs the player, which is shown visibly with a flaming health bar and an orange-tinted model.

This looks a bit like the DBZFighters sparking mechanic, which is often used for tight comebacks and pressure.

One thing to take note of is that, unlike some other fighters, the bar does not go up when you whiff moves. So spamming specials to get bar buidup is not viable here. Instead, you have to lay the smackdown on the enemy to get them sweet bars.

Nen X Impact Gameplay And Roster

Also noticed was a quick gear pop-up that seemed to indicate players were recovering quicker from stuns.

Nen X Impact Gameplay And Roster

Overall, it looks pretty familiar to those who have played team fighters before, and that was most likely done on purpose.

Hopefully I can get my hands on a demo soon to get a feel for the game some more.

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