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Kindred is coming to the Rift in patch Wild Rift 5.0c, to be released on March 29, 2024. This champion represents the duality of death in the jungle, chasing down their targets and growing stronger.

Kindred are not a single entity, but two spirits: Lamb, the embodiment of peaceful acceptance, and Wolf, the embodiment of the relentless hunt. Together, they maintain the natural order by claiming those whose time has come.

In Wild Rift, Kindred functions as a marksman who excels at mobility, skirmishing, and objective control. They have a high skill ceiling but require practice to unleash their full potential.

Kindred Overview Abilities

Kindreds abilities are as follows:

Passive: Mark of the Kindred

  • Kindred can mark enemies as hunting targets.
  • Passively, neutral monsters will also be marked.
  • Successfully taking down a target consumes the mark.
  • Marks consumed permanently grants bonus range.

First Ability: Dance of Arrows

  • Kindred dashes and fire arrows at nearby targets.

Second Ability: Wolfs Frenzy

  • Passive: Moving and attacking grants stacks.
  • When fully stacked, Lambs next attack restores health.
  • Wolf marks a great area and attacks enemies within.
  • Dance of Arrowss cooldown is reduced inside the area.

Third Ability: Mounting Dread

  • Lamb slows and marks a target.
  • Attacks apply up to three stacks in the target.
  • At max stacks, Wold deals bonus damage.
  • This ability will cause attacks to deal critical damage to low health targets.

Ultimate: Lambs Respite

  • Lamb blesses the surrounding area.
  • All units in the area are unkillable.
  • Heals all the units within when the blessing ends.

Kindreds gameplay revolves around actively marking enemies with their abilities and securing takedowns to empower themselves. They excel at taking down isolated targets and objective control thanks to their mobility and area denial tools.

Some additional tips and tricks on how to use her abilities effectively are:

  • You can cast your first to jump over some walls in the Rift. This is useful for catching enemies off guard, or for escaping.
  • Marking an enemy with your passive reveals them briefly on the map. This can be used to gain information about the location of enemy champions.
  • You can use your ultimate to prevent the enemy jungler from taking down neutral monsters. You can even make them waste their Smite.

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Kindred Overview Build

To unleash Kindred full potential in Wild Rift, youll need a strategic item build that emphasizes their strengths. Here are some suggestions to get you started:


  • Blade of the Ruined King: This item offers a nice balance of attack damage, attack speed, and lifesteal. The lifesteal helps Kindred sustain themselves in the jungle and during skirmishes, while the on-hit current health damage shred from its passive is great for taking down tankier targets.
  • Trinity Force: This item offers a unique combination of stats that can benefit Kindred in specific situations. The attack damage, attack speed, and movement speed provide a well-rounded offensive boost.
  • Magnetic Blaster: This item shines in Kindreds aggressive playstyle. The bonus attack speed and critical strike chance directly contribute to their damage output.


  • Conqueror: This keystone reigns supreme for Kindred in most situations. As extended fights erupt, Conqueror stacks, granting them bonus attack damage, armor penetration, and healing. This synergy perfectly aligns with their focus on sustained damage, objective control, and survivability in the jungle.
  • Brutal: This rune provides a flat bonus to Kindreds attack damage, boosting their early game presence and ability to secure early marks with their abilities.
  • Coup de Grace: This rune shines in the late game, dealing bonus physical damage to champions below a certain health threshold. This helps Kindred secure takedowns and snowball their lead.
  • Legend: Alacrity: This rune offers bonus attack speed as the game progresses, further enhancing Kindreds ability to kite enemies, shred through objectives, and stack their passive quickly.
  • Overgrowth: This rune provides bonus health growth over time, increasing Kindreds overall survivability in the jungle, especially in early ganks and skirmishes.


  • Flash: This spell gives Kindred more mobility, as it allows her to blink to a target location. This can help you escape, chase, or reposition in fights.
  • Smite: This spell is mandatory for Kindred as a jungler and its the key to success. Use it especially in the enemy jungle.
Kindred Overview - Skin

Kindred Overview Gameplay

Kindreds gameplay revolves around actively marking enemies with their abilities and securing takedowns to empower themselves. They excel at taking down isolated targets and objective control thanks to their mobility and area denial tools.

  • Early Game: Kindreds early game focuses on farming effectively while contesting Scuttle Crab for additional marks. Their ultimate can be used strategically in an early teamfight.
  • Mid Game: As Kindred acquires items and stacks, they become a potent skirmisher. Look for opportunities to gank side lanes using your mobility and secure takedowns to further enhance your power.
  • Late Game: In the late game, Kindred can split push effectively due to their wave clear and attack range. They also become a strong teamfight presence, using their ultimate to turn the tide of battle.

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Kindred Overview Conclusion

Kindred offers a unique and challenging playstyle for players who enjoy high-mobility marksmen with strategic depth. By mastering their abilities and marks, Kindred can become a dominant force in the jungle.

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