Skarner rework release date: the new Primordial Sovereign

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The Skarner rework release date is finally here. After two years of waiting, the scorpion unveils his new form.

Skarner won the fan vote to rework an old champion to meet the new League of Legends standard. In 2023, the developers posted a blog update on Skarners progress.

In that post, they shared that Skarner was surprisingly challenging. They struggled to determine a direction. This was because his primary defining characteristics (scorpion, crystals, last survivor) were too limiting to iterate a new identity.

Now after an additional year, Skarner finally has his new look.

Skarner rework release date

The Skarner rework release date will be on patch 14.7, dropping April 3 2024.

Its a slightly unfortunate timing for Skarners debut since the most recent patch 14.6 buffed crit ADCs. Specifically, the improved Infinity Edge and Lord Dominiks Regard makes life harder for a new Tank.

Still, Skarner will get to enjoy the spotlight. As part of his rework, the scorpion lost his bejeweled exoskeleton in favor of an earthen carapace.

Some fans will surely mourn the loss of his lustrous gems. Its hard to argue that the crystalline look was a more unique identity, whereas classical elemental animals are fairly standard in fiction.

However, the switch-up to his lore might help carve out a space for Skarner in the wider Runeterra world.

The Crystal Vanguard of Shurima is now the Primordial Sovereign, a colossal titanic arthropod of Ixtal. With Ixtals association with the elements, this might help connect Skarner more to the likes of Qiyana rather than the Void and Darkin-dominated Shurima.

More importantly, this clears the path for new lore from Arcane. Previously, the crystals which powered Piltovers hextech came from the Brackern. This was most awkward for Seraphine, but it still raised questions for the likes of Jayce, Vi, Viktor, and Camille.

If the Skarner rework is any indication, it seems that the Brackern are no longer the crystals source.

skarner rework release date

Ability rundown

For fans who cant wait for his release date, heres a quick overview of the Skarner abilities after his rework.

The new passive is Threads of Vibration. Skarners auto-attacks, Q, and R apply a stack of Quaking to enemy champions and monsters. Enemies with three stacks of Quaking take % Max HP damage over time.

Skarners new Q has two parts. The Q1 is Shattered Earth, which empowers his next three auto-attacks with more damage, attack speed, and range. Further, the third attack does extra damage and slows the target, and then ends the effect.

The optional Q2 is Upheaval. Skarner launches a projectile that functions the same as the third empowered auto-attack of Shattered Earth. This means that the first target it hits takes extra damage and is slowed, but Skarner loses the Q effect.

The new W is Seismic Bastion. Skarner gets a shield and slams the ground, damaging and slowing nearby enemies.

For his new E, Skarner gains Ixtals Impact. Skarner charges forward, ignoring terrain. He will grab the first large monster or enemy that he collides with. Hell then carry them a short way. If he collides into a wall, hell damage and stun the grabbed target.

However, this wont be a complete stealth attack. If Skarners traveling through terrain, an indicator will pop up similar to Kayns E.

Finally, the new R ultimate is an update of the old one. Impale is now an AoE cone which can grab up to three targets at once. Skarner gains bonus movement speed and can drag the grabbed Suppressed enemies with him until the effect ends.

Skarner cannot cast Q, E, or Flash while dragging a target. The Impale can pulls targets over walls, and its duration is the same no matter how many targets he pulls.

While the new Impale is a stronger CC for more targets, it now has a cast time and projectile time. This means it has more counterplay since targets can try to dodge out of the cone.

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