LoL patch 14.7 rundown

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LoL patch 14.7 rundown
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LoL patch 14.7 brings the long-anticipated Skarner VGU and the hilarious Choo Choo Ornn skin, as well as the expected balance changes.

Riot Games also announced that they will be reducing support for their website store for League of Legends in-game purchases, as well as DirectX 9 support for LoL.

Of course, the aforementioned highlight of the patch must be the Skarner VGU. The Crystal Vanguard is now the Primordial Sovereign, with a total rework of his in-game model, existing skins, and gameplay.

In addition to Choo Choo Ornn, the new batch of April Fool’s skins are Durian Defender Rammus, Toy Terror Cho’Gath, Cheddar Chief Twitch, and Zesty Dip Zac.

LoL patch 14.7 champion adjustments

A lot of champions got buffs in the new patch, with only a handful of nerfs as well as a slight tweaking for Camille.

The Camille changes aim to return her to top lane and reduce her presence in support. As a result, her Q now has better scaling with its bonus movement speed and cooldown at higher levels. Also, her W does more %HP damage. However, her E does less damage.

The champs who received straight buffs are:

  • Galio: His Passive and E damage are up to offset the nerfs from the previous patch. His W damage reduction is also higher
  • Karma: This patch wants to improve her Support play. Consequently, her W roots for longer and her R-E AoE shields more.
  • Kayn: The % Bonus AD on his Q is up from 80% to 85%
  • Lux: The damage on Lux’s passive and Q are up by improving the %AP scaling
  • Nami: After her many nerfs, Nami’s overall quite weak. This patch restores some of her power as a support with more healing on her W, but less damage on her W and E.
  • Nasus: Nasus now has higher life steal from his passive, and the bonus physical damage on his Q is up
  • Olaf: Olaf jungle is back. Against monsters, his Q does bonus damagand his E refunds more cooldown. His W bonus attack speed duration is longer, but has a higher mana cost. His R also now costs 100 mana.
  • Senna: Senna in ADC gets a buff with a higher soul drop chance on minion kill. However, her soul drop chance from her support’s minion execute is down.
  • Smolder: Smolder gets more base armor and his Q does increased extra damage based on crit chance.
  • Sona: Sona gets more damage on her passive, and more healing and movement speed on her W and E. However, her Q does less damage.
  • Sylas: Sylas gets a buff in jungle with bonus damage on his Q against monsters

Meanwhile, the LoL champs who are the unlucky Patch 14.7 nerfs recipients are:

  • Fiora: Her base Attack Damage is down from 68 to 66
  • Rek’sai: The Void Burrower has been a terror in top lane. As a result, she gets less fury from minions, wards and plants and her early Fury healing is weaker.
  • Rell: Rell is fully out of the jungle. She gets more magic resistance growth, but now has no bonus monster damage on Q, W, and E.
  • Volibear: Crits on his Q only increase the attack damage instead of total damage to reduce its interaction with Sundered Sky. Meanwhile, his R cooldown is longer.
LoL patch 14.7

Item adjustments

In patch 14.7, the item damage from LoL supports is the main focus. As a result, there are nerfs to Zaz’zak’s Realmspike, Bloodsong, Imperial Mandate and World Atlas.

Realmspike, Bloodsong, and Imperial Mandate get hard nerfs to push their primary abusers out of support.

The void explosion damage on Realmspike loses 10 base damage and its % Target Max HP is reduced from four to three. In addition, its cooldown is nerfed from 8/7/6 seconds at levels 1/11/16 to a flat 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, Bloodsong‘s Spellblade AD ratio is down from 150% to 100% and Imperial Mandate current HP damage is down from 12% to 10%.

The World Atlas is getting nerfs to once and for all stop non-Supports from purchasing it. Now, its excessive minion kill threshold is divided by the number of World Atlases on your team. This means that instead of each World Atlas having an individual counter, all allied Support items share one counter.

Outside of support items, Statikk Shiv gets an increase to its recipe, bringing it up from 2700 gold to 2900 total.

Finally, LoL patch 14.7 also brings bugfixes and QoL changes.

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