Nintendo Takes Down Garry’s Mod IP Related Workshop Items

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Nintendo Takes Down Garry’s Mod IP Related Workshop Items
Samuel Brickell

Nintendo takes down Garry’s Mod Workshop content containing their IP.

This is due to a takedown request from the company itself!

But is this 20 years too late, and is this a worthwhile move at all?

Nintendo Takes Down Garry’s Mod Workshop Items

There are a few things certain about this life. Grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines, and brother Nintendo sues people!

After 20 years of beauitufl meachinima content and funny haha Mario shoots people videos, the lawyers have had enough.

Recently, the Garry’s Mod team made an announcement via the community notes. It addressed recent takedowns of Nintendo-related workshop content. 

Unfortunately, they addressed the worst news, which was that yes, they were on purpose, and it was a direct order from the boys over at Nintendo.

You can sense how heavy they are gunning for the crew as they quote, “If you want to help us by deleting your Nintendo-related uploads and never uploading them again, that would help us a lot.”

This comes after 20 years of those items sitting there, just dandy. But now, all of a sudden, Nintendo has had a stroke of genius to take down the content.

Do you want to know why certain developers don’t allow customization tools for players? For example, why has Minecraft never added a built-in customizer for both versions of the game?

It’s specifically because of stuff like this. More on point, it is the fear of treading on Nintendo.

But why now for a 20-year-old game that is relegated to niche role-playing and goofy game modes? 

Honestly, if you ask me, it is related to Palworld. No, it’s not Palworld’s direct fault for this, but it damn well had Nintendo put Steam on their radar.

And once they took a look at the Steam front page and came across Garry’s mod, it was all Joeover!

Nintendo DMCA’ed My Fridge Sketch

But Nintendo does hold the legal right to their IP and characters, and it is within their rights to request a takedown. Does it make sense, or is it a smart move?

Nintendo Takes Down Garry's Mod

Realistically, no, it just puts them under more bad light, plus there are 20 years worth of items up there. You are not going to remove every infringement, and by God, people are going to find workarounds.

Some people can see why, though, as having Mario beat Peach up with Half Life 2 goes against the design document over at Nintendo. But again, this has been around for years, and if anything, it died down years ago.

I don’t know if some shocked office worker stumbled upon a Tiktok machinima of Link doing a Fortnite dance or something, but it is kind of funny.

Nintendo Takes Down Garry's Mod

Hopefully this move from the developers means that they don’t suffer the wrath of Nintendo for much longer. Recently, Nintendo got both the Switch and 3DS emulators taken down due to infringement.

It is a different kettle of fish, but it shows that Nintendo is looking up their brand online, which is scary.

But at the end of the day, their lawyers may be powerful, but the autisim that Fules Garry’s Mod is stronger and dedicated serveers will still offer your funny Wario models. Just don’t DM a Nintendo exec for the love of Christ!

Nintendo takes down Garry’s Mod workshpop content while Palworld hangs back and relaxes.

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