Riot’s plan to add an extra international LoL tournament in 2025

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Riot’s plan to add an extra international LoL tournament in 2025
Onur Demirkol

According to the latest news by Sheep Esports, Riot Games will announce an extra international LoL tournament for the 2025 season.

We all love international LoL tournaments because we get to see the best in each region compete against each other.

Moreover, some lucky regions also have a chance to support their country’s or region’s team against some of the best teams in the world.

Looks like the team at Riot Games is well aware of it and because of the three-split schedule that some leagues follow right now, we might be getting a new international LoL tournament in the upcoming year, as per Sheep Esports.

Credit: Riot Games

Are the new international LoL tournament 2025 dates set?

Scheduled between the Winter and Spring splits, the new international LoL tournament is expected from March to April 2025.

This timing suggests that the tournament will connect the two existing splits, providing continuous competitive play.

Additionally, the introduction of this tournament is likely to push back other events in the LoL esports calendar, including the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), which might move from its usual May schedule to a later date.

Right now, details like where the tournament will be held and how it will work are still being figured out. However, it’s clear that each major region will have at least one team participating, making the competition truly global.

3-split format to rule the 2025 season

One of the most significant structural changes in response to the new international tournament is the potential adoption of a 3-split format by the LCS. This format, already operational in the LEC, involves dividing the annual competitive season into three distinct phases, culminating in its playoffs.

This structure not only increases the amount of competitive LoL played throughout the year but also offers more opportunities for teams to earn points toward international qualifications.

Adopting this new format aligns with the growing number of international competitions and helps prepare teams for the rigorous schedule. It also opens up opportunities for up-and-coming teams to shine on a global stage.

international LoL tournament
Credit: Riot Games

Who knows, maybe this change will eventually increase the competition between some of the biggest leagues like LCK or LPL.

On another note, we might see different teams shine and upset the big boys with longevity and grind.

It will surely be pretty interesting to watch the new international LoL tournament next year, if it actually comes to life.

Sheep Esports added that Riot Games will make an announcement soon regarding their 2025 schedule and how the leagues will be operated.

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