How to unlock the Bonus Levels in Pepper Grinder

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Posted on March 30, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Pepper Grinder features a handful of levels in each region of the island the game takes place on, but what you may notice is a locked level. These locked levels are what we tend to call a Bonus Level and to unlock these you will need a certain amount of Skull Coins in order to play on them. What’s nice about these is that there’s some extra content to play through.

How do I unlock the locked level in Pepper Grinder?

pepper grinder gold key

To unlock the Bonus Level in Pepper Grinder you’ll have to visit the Curiosity Shop where you can buy armor, stickers, and a Gold Key. The Gold Key at least in the first region will cost you 10 Skull Coins and once you obtain that many you’ll be able to unlock the extra level. In the first region, you’ll unlock Cannoneer’s Folly.

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