Who is the strongest in Solo Leveling?

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Who is the strongest in Solo Leveling?
Diana D'Estefano

One of the most popular questions always concerns the strongest character. Solo Leveling fans are certainly not immune to this trend and they too have asked themselves this question. Who is the strongest in Solo Leveling? We are sure that, if you too are aware of everything related to this franchise, you are asking yourself this question.

In this article, therefore, we will try to provide you with an answer. Obviously, when it comes to this type of thing, there are several things to take into consideration. We will try to treat them as objectively as possible and give an objective answer. We will not be guided by our tastes, but only by the data in our possession.

Who is the strongest Solo Leveling character?

The answer might be a bit obvious, especially for anyone who has had the chance to read the manhwa. However, there may be doubts for those who have only recently approached the series, i.e., with the release of the Solo Leveling Arise game. If this is your case, don’t worry; we will answer you.

The short answer is that the strongest character in Solo Leveling is Sung Jinwoo, aka the protagonist. But, since this might be confusing for new fans, let’s explain a little more in depth. We will try not to give any major spoilers, but some details of the story will inevitably have to be revealed.

At the beginning of his adventure as a hunter, Sung Jinwoo is classified as an E-rank hunter, which is the lowest rank. However, shortly after, he begins to understand that his powers are much stronger. At first, he will try to hide this thing, but it will absolutely not be easy due to some events that will happen.

Consequently, many will begin to suspect that he is not actually an E-rank hunter, but certainly of a higher rank (there are those who suspect that he is even an S-rank). This is most likely due to the fact that Jinwoo got to take part in a second rebirth, even if it was only something legendary.

However, his powers are truly very powerful and he has had the opportunity to demonstrate them on several occasions. He will be able to face enemies whose level, on paper, is higher than his with almost no difficulty. For this whole series of reasons, therefore, we can say with certainty that Sung Jinwoo is the strongest hunter in Solo Leveling.

strongest in solo leveling

If we consider all the characters present in the Solo Leveling universe, however, there is another character who can be considered even more powerful. This is The Absolute Being, or the creator of the entire universe. With this premise, he can only be considered the strongest character ever.

So, if we want to consider the various hunters and monsters, Sung Jinwoo is certainly the strongest character present in Solo Leveling. In any case, if we also want to consider what is practically a god, then the title of strongest character certainly goes to The Absolute Being. It’s up to you to decide what to consider.

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