Rocket League Rule 1 explained

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Rocket League Rule 1 explained
Diana D'Estefano

Although Rocket League has no written rules beyond those designated to play, there are also unwritten rules that many players choose to follow. One of these is Rocket League Rule 1. This is a very simple rule that requires no special skills to follow, but since it is not a written rule, you may not be familiar with it.

If you are a new player and not a veteran, you may not know what this rule is. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about this rule, so that you know what to do in Rocket League games and what you shouldn’t do.

Rocket League Rule 1

Rule 1 isn’t an official rule decided by Psyonix (the developers). Instead, it’s something the community came up with. It’s all about being fair and showing good sportsmanship. When two players get stuck together, it’s a sign of respect to stick with it and not try to get unstuck right away.

During Rule 1, you can’t try to get away by going backward, speeding up, or driving off. The only way to break the lock is if someone scores a goal, or if another player bumps into the locked cars and breaks them apart. If you break Rule 1 on purpose, like by scoring on your own goal or making yourself a target for the other team, there might be consequences in the game.

Rule 1 isn’t just about the game; it’s about bringing players together. It shows teamwork and respect, even if you’re on different teams. Not everyone in Rocket League follows Rule 1, especially new players who might not know about it. But those who’ve been around for a while usually stick to it.

Rocket League Rule 1

Why is Rule 1 important?

The decision whether to accept this rule or not is up to you since it is a rule created by the community and not by the game developers. Therefore, in theory, you could not comply with this rule, but we recommend that you do so as it is good practice.

If you decide not to adhere to this rule during a Rocket League match, players in the same match may not like your decision. So, although it is not a written rule, it is still good practice to use it.

We remind you that Rocket League is a game that was designed to have fun with friends and strangers, so it is important that you keep this in mind every time you decide to start a game. Rocket League itself doesn’t have many written rules, it’s a very simple game, so following this rule definitely won’t be a problem.

Now you know everything about Rocket League Rule 1, so as soon as you start your next game in Rocket League, keep in mind what we have told you in this article. And above all: have fun! The game is really a lot of fun if played in the right way.

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