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The new VALORANT Discord collection is up on the app’s official shop and will be around until May 7th.

Discord made some very big collabs in the past and they mostly offered in-game cosmetics and other features to its Nitro users.

This time, the company aimed at the bigger picture and added regular users to the equation, at a certain price, of course.

The VALORANT Discord collection is up on Discord Shop and all the users can get them. However, Nitro users have a slight discount, which we will explain further in this piece!

The collection has some really cool stuff, including pictures and special effects based on VALORANT’s characters like Omen, Reyna, Jett, and the new agent, Clove.

It seems like Clove is getting a bit of extra attention in this collection.

VALORANT x Discord

Rep your favorite @VALORANT Agents with our all-new collection of Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects, now available in the Shop. Keep an eye on the clock, because the Buy Phase for these ends May 7th.

— Discord (@discord) March 28, 2024

Here is the brand-new VALORANT Discord collection

This collection brings five new pictures and three special effects that you can add. If you’re not using Discord Nitro, each item will cost you $15.99, but if you are, you get a discount and can grab them for $11.99 each. You’ll find all these items in the Discord Shop on the homepage.

Here is a list of all the new items that are added to Discord:

Avatar decorations

  • A Hint of Clove
  • Omen’s Cowl
  • Reyna’s Leer
  • Blade Storm

Profile effects

  • Clove’s Ruse
  • The Immortal Clove
  • ACE
Credit: Discord

How to get it

The VALORANT Discord collaboration brought new items to enhance your app and you can find them on the built-in store.

Head over to the Discord Shop from the main page, and you’ll see the VALORANT collection waiting for you.

Discord has a cool feature that lets you see what the item looks like on your profile before buying it. This way, you can be sure it’s exactly what you want.

But remember, these are only around for a limited time—from March 27 to May 7—so don’t wait too long if you see something you like.

discord valorant

Discord continues its collabs

It is obviously not the first collab Discord has made with a gaming company. If you are a Discord Nitro member, you might have noticed that the platform gives out freebies to its users.

Most of these collabs require a Discord Nitro subscription, and it is a fairly cheap service, especially if you spend hours of your time on the platform, talking to your friends.

With limited-time access to these unique profile decorations and effects, now’s the chance to make your Discord profile really stand out.

Check out the new stuff and get the ones that you like before they disappear from the Discord Shop!

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