Native Minecraft PS5 Version Might Be Releasing Soon

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It appears that a native Minecraft PS5 version is on the horizon, following the discovery of files for the game within Sony’s PlayStation store backend.

Native Minecraft PS5 Version Might Be Releasing Soon

Although there isn’t currently a native current-gen version of Minecraft, it is playable on all major platforms. Microsoft, however, is apparently preparing to launch a native Minecraft PS5 version, according to recent sources.

The information comes from PlayStation Game Size, an X account known for uncovering game details ahead of time by digging into the backend of Sony’s console store. This account has a solid track record of revealing games early through hidden files in the store. Moreover, a Reddit member also provided the title IDs for the potential native Minecraft PS5 version that were also discovered on the PS Store’s backend. The user revealed:

Now that Microsoft have their PS5 development kits, it looks like the long awaited native PS5 version of the game is not far away from release.
Title Ids for the PS5 version have recently been published on the PSN backend:

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As of right now, backward compatibility only allows the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft to be played on the PlayStation 5. While the Xbox version recently received an update to support 4K resolution, fans have long been awaiting an optimized version for the current generation of consoles.

And now the fact that files are currently available in the shop indicates that the native Minecraft PS5 version should be released shortly. However, it’s unknown if it will be launched at random or in conjunction with the upcoming Sony or Microsoft presentation.

Well, the topic of the PS5 version of Minecraft was previously brought up during Microsoft’s Federal Trade Commission trial last year, when Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, accused Sony of preventing a PS5 version. Spencer stated, “Sony was reluctant to send us development kits for the PlayStation 5 at the same time they were sending them to other developers, which put us at a disadvantage relative to other developers. ‘I think Sony could have sent the development kits to Microsoft just as easy as they sent them to any other publisher.”

Additionally, a Minecraft Xbox Series X|S version also surfaced on a few rating boards last year. Microsoft, however, asserted that the listings were a component of the routine reviews it undergoes with several rating boards.

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Well, an optimized version of the game for current-gen consoles could potentially support features like ray tracing, a technology Microsoft has been hinting at well ahead of the platform’s 2020 introduction. And while Minecraft already has a strong player base, the demand for the native Minecraft PS5 version is high too. Hence, it would be interesting to see how things unfold in the future.

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