Rare McDonald’s-Themed Nintendo DSi Removed Swiftly from Japanese Resale Shop

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Key Takeaways

  • Rare McDonald’s Nintendo DSi and training software, “eCrew Development Program,” caused a stir before being swiftly removed from a Japanese resale store listing.
  • McDonald’s Japan expressed disappointment at the resale of the training materials, noting a shift to tablets for training tools since 2018.
  • eCrew Development Program, created for McDonald’s employees in Japan, focused on teaching cooking, serving, and other operational tasks through simulations and quizzes.

Rare Discovery and Quick Removal

A rare McDonald’s-themed Nintendo DSi and training software, “eCrew Development Program,” initially surfaced on a Japanese resale store’s listing but was swiftly pulled. These items, intended exclusively for internal training at McDonald’s Japan, sparked significant interest before their removal.

According to J-cast (translated to English):

The reuse shop “Hard Off,” which announced the sale on X, temporarily suspended sales due to a series of questions. Regarding the game machine, which appears to be used for training purposes, McDonald’s Japan said that they had not seen the actual game machine, so they could not tell if it was for training purposes, and said, “It would be very disappointing if it was sold on the second-hand market.”

McDonald’s Response

McDonald’s Japan expressed disappointment regarding the resale of these training materials, emphasizing the uncertainty of the items’ authenticity based on photos alone. The company also noted that they had shifted from Nintendo-based training tools to tablets in 2018.

eCrew Development Program

The eCrew Development Program (eCDP), unofficially known as the McDonald’s Training Game, was an educational title developed by McDonald’s for the Nintendo DS. Launched in 2010, it was intended exclusively for internal use within McDonald’s Japan to train restaurant staff, without plans for public release. Gameplay Features eCDP focused on instructing players—new McDonald’s employees—on cooking, serving, and other restaurant operations through simulations, quizzes, and interactive tasks. It included detailed profiles and performance tracking for both employees and managers.

eCDP was part of a ¥200 million project aimed at deploying these training tools across all 3,700 McDonald’s locations in Japan by the end of 2010. Each game was distributed with a McDonald’s-branded Nintendo DSi or DS Lite, though the extent and duration of its use remain unclear.

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