Everything you need to know about Phasmophobia: Easter 2024

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The Phasmophobia: Easter 2024 is here and there is a lot to discover in the game. If you have any questions, we sure have the answer to it!

It is Easter season and games are adding special events for players to enjoy the spirit even better.

Phasmophobia is open of those games that you will live the spirit of Easter, in a pretty horrendous way to be honest. If you are a horror game lover, you must try this game and event because it is incredibly fun. Not the best option for people who easily get scared though, keep that in mind.

The Phasmophobia: Event 2024 is here, and we have a lot to discover. In this guide, we answered all the questions you may have while trying to figure out what to do in the game. Let’s start with the key details!

Credit: Phasmophobia

Key details about Phasmophobia: Easter 2024

This Easter, “Phasmophobia” has added something special. A Forest Spirit haunts different spots in the game, and your job is to track down its helpers, known as Jackalope minions.

You need to complete it before going head-to-head with the big boss at Camp Woodwind. Capturing a photo of the ghost is your ticket to winning the prize.

How to complete the event

There are two obstacles in your way, and we have the answers!

Step 1: Finding the Jackalope Minions

Your adventure starts with visiting five locations marked on the map. Each place hides a Jackalope minion you need to find. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • At 10 Ridgeview Court, you’ll follow UV light tracks to find the Jackalope in a bedroom.
  • Grafton Farmhouse has you chasing UV tracks to a double bedroom.
  • At 13 Willow Street, look “in the ground” following UV clues.
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse requires you to start high and work your way down.
  • Near the entrance of Maple Lodge Campsite, follow the tracks to find the Jackalope.

Use a UV light to find footprints that lead you to each Jackalope’s nest, set up a D.O.T.S. Projector, snap a picture, and you’re good to go.

Phasmophobia easter 2024
Credit: Phasmophobia

Step 2: The Big Boss at Camp Woodwind

Once you’ve tracked down all the minions, it’s time to confront the Forest Spirit itself at Camp Woodwind. This part is just like a regular “Phasmophobia” game, but with a twist.

You need to figure out which ghost you’re dealing with, take its picture, and then make a run for it. If you’ve set your game to include a summoning circle, getting that ghost photo will be much easier.

Phasmophobia: Easter 2024 dates

The “Phasmophobia: Easter 2024” event is happening from March 26th to April 9th. That gives you plenty of time to jump in, explore, and grab those rewards.


Everyone who takes part in this event and manages to outsmart the Forest Spirit and its Jackalope minions gets some pretty cool stuff:

  • An Easter 2024 Badge: A green badge with a bunny to show off your achievement.
  • A Trophy: A special trophy to put on display, proving you’ve beaten the Forest Spirit.

The three in the lobby will also change and it will look cooler than before but that is not something you can keep in your inventory, like the other two.

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