Easy guide on how to catch Tombat Pal, its location, and skills

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Palworld Tombat: Easy guide on how to catch Tombat Pal, its location, and skills

Pocket Pair’s game surprised everyone with its fun gameplay, quickly becoming the most popular game on Steam. In this exciting adventure, players can capture, raise, battle, and even combine various creatures known as Pals. Tombat is one such Pal, a Dark-type creature found on Palpagos Island during the nighttime.

Tombat comes with a handy skill called Ultrasonic Sensor, using ultrasonic waves to locate nearby Pals. This skill helps you discover new creatures or avoid certain routes if you want to steer clear of battles. To catch Tombat in the game, here’s a simple guide on where to find it and how to capture it.

Palworld Tombat Stats and Skills

Here are some attributes and skills of Tombat in Palworld:

  • Type: Dark-type Pal
  • Signature move: Poison Blast/ Dark Ball
  • Partner skill: Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Work Suitabilities: Mining, gathering, and transporting
  • Spawns: On the surface map after sundown
  • Drops: Leather and Small Pal Soul crafting items
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Where To Find Tombat Pal in Palworld?

During the day or in well-lit dungeon areas, Tombat won’t appear on the Palworld map. But when night falls on grasslands and beaches, Tombat may show up on the islands.

Look for Tombat during the night in starter zones like grassy plains and coastlines. Explore remote areas like Marsh Island, Eastern and Forgotten Islands, and misty Ice Wind Island ruins. Even caves with perpetual darkness, such as the Isolated Island Caverns, can be spots to find Palworld Tombat during the day.

Finding Tombat takes time and thorough searching across different dark cycles.

How to Catch Palworld Tombat?

To beat Tombat at night, you need a plan. First, use Pals like Quivern, Astegon, and Orserk – they’re good against Tombat’s Dark type. Shoot from far away with powerful guns to weaken Tombat safely.

Overall, Palworld Tombat is tricky to catch, even when weak, hence, bring lots of high-quality Pal Spheres to make sure you catch it once it’s weak.

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